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Where can you get gameshark cheat codes for Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Ranger?

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use Pokemon ruby cheats-they work, SERIOUSLY!
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Where is ocean isle at Pokemon ruby destiny rescue rangers?

  Go to the Kangaskhan (sp?) that gives you your mission. He'll ask you whether or not you want him to explain how the recruiting system works - say no, and he'll ask whet

Pokemon ruby destiny rescue rangers cheat?

  http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/Products/DS/shin_megami_tensei_devil_survivor/action_replay.html go to this website and all your problems will be solved

Pokemon ruby destiny rescue rangers hm strength?

After you defeat the Pokemon from the Square and Caterpie saves Aelita, your back in your house. You go to talk to Kangaskhan and she'll give you HM Strength with a mission to

Gameshark codes Pokemon Ruby destiny reign legends?

you need to get a email from the stadium stat to do the gameshark code on pokémon ruby destiny reigh of the legends and i have 1 stat (dracoblast11) i have some codes for

How do you catch Pokemon on Pokemon ruby destiny rescue rangers?

It's true that you are the Pokemon. However, you still catch pokemons to add to your rescue team. So far i have only found one place to buy pokeballs. It's at South Isles. You