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You can purchase personal insurance from any insurance company either online or in an actual store front insurance company. It is important to have personal insurance so perhaps ask some of your friends or business associates who they are insured with.
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How do you find out if a person has insurance?

  If they won't tell you, contact the reporting police dept if there was one. If you have the plates/name/vehicle info, contact dmv and see if they have that information.

How do i find out if a person was insured by their spouse?

  Answer   "Was" implies the person is now deceased, I presume?  Insurance information may be obtained only by the executor, usually named in a will.  Usually, tha

What is personal injury insurance?

  Personal injury     From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Jump to: navigation, search James Gillray, Very Slippy-Weather (1808)   A personal injury oc

Can you be paid by your insurance and the insurance of the person who hit you?

You can collect medical payments under your insurance policy and bodily injury payments under the other person's insurance, but you can't collect for property damage under bot

What does insurance companies do for a person?

Insurance companies, will often deal with accidental damage/injury, such as a car crash, and will compensate involved parties, so that further legal action can often be avoide

How does a person become a Insurance Agent?

You would first need the basic skills that you would attain through an education. Then you should start by asking insurance companies or networking through friends and family

Can you insure a person and their car on your own insurance?

No. Unless they are your legal, current spouse you cannot do it for any reason. If you do and have a claim, the insurance company cannot pay you because it's not your car and