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Where can you get replacement slat for wood and iron garden bench?

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I need 4ft slats to repair my garden bench that has iron sides. There are about 4 slats rotted and I don't know where 2 find them. Home depot is not the place since I checked. thank you, Cris Komons
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Where do you buy replacement wood slats for outdoor bench?

Most slats are 4 feet long by 2.75 inches wide by 3/4 thick,( unless you have a 5 foot bench, in which case they would be 5 feet long), Home Depot or your local lumber yard wo

How do you build a garden bench?

Pour in concrete in 3 boxes ("concrete molds", you can buy these or make them yourself.) Join the parts with some more concrete, finish and install the bench. The total can be

Can you replace slatted closet doors with solid closet doors and paint the solid closet doors with same color as the walls in a room if you have natural wood baseboards and molding?

Of course you can. Unless the that closet is housing the AC Air handler. Then no because the air handler needs to be able to suck the air out of the house or apartment and it

How do you build a bench press out of wood?

If you don't care about visual appeal, the easiest thing to do is to lay a large sturdy board across two cinder blocks. Make sure that the board is strong enough to support th

How can you replace bench press if you don't have a bench?

Simple push ups essentially work the same muscle group as the bench press. If you need more weight for the exercise, you can elevate your feet while doing the push ups on a ch

You have several park benches in your park and want to replace the slats with recycled material slats you have been unable to find any?

Several of the commercial grade recycled products can be milled and worked like wood and shaped into the dimensions required, HOWEVER, most wooden components in benches are al

Where else can you buy wood slats for park benches besides home depot?

contact any local cabinet shop,deck builder,or local millwork shop,they will have access to material suppliers which handleappropriate wood species for out door uses.these ser

What wood is a bench made out of?

Wood. My Answer I used spruce for the last one I built You need to decide what it will be used for, where it is, and what adverse conditions it will be in to chose the pro
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What are some patterns for wood benches?

There are many different patterns that can be used when making a wood bench depending on your preferences. From very simple to the more complex some of these include lattice w
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What wood is best to make benches?

You will need something sturdy that can withstand the weather in your area. Try pressure treated wood or yellow pine, or for something really nice, splurge and use cedar.