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Where can you get your air conditioner repaired or serviced in Hyderabad?

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There are several different brands of air conditioners. The quickest and most reliable system to get accurate up-to-date information is to go to the manufacturer's site and click on "support". This will give you options to find service centres for the products. It also provides their approved repair/service centres.

Other places that can give you authorized service locations are:
  • the store of purchase
  • owner's manual and warranty documents

There are a number world wide . Use their site and there you'll find the service centre search tool
Access their site and you'll find a search option for service centres which are "licenced" to undertake the work required

Go to the brand web site and look at the support feature - This allows you to key in your location and get the list of the local qualified fitters in the area. This is a safer system than just looking in forums as the site gives the company's its licensed to do the work on its behalf.
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