Where can you obtain French language films with French subtitles?

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Right here: http://www.lookiz.com/

You can buy them in Quebec province.
You can also find some french subtitles here, in srt format : http://www.opensubtitles.org/fr
You could try doing a search on YouTube for the name of a specific film.
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Where can you find English movies with french subtitles?

Little man, Step up has french subtitles and you can also change the language to french if you want to. that's the ones i own and my bro took it to school to watch in his fren

What is the French language?

French is a language. it is spoken in France, and in many formerFrench colonies.

How do you say 'the language of French' in French?

la langue de la langue française In English we do not say "the language of French." We say the "language of France," or the "French language." L a langue françai

What is French language in French?

La langue française (because the word "language" is feminine). Française is the feminine form, and if you're describing a masculine noun, the adjective would be fr

What is 'your' in the French language?

There are 3 different ways of saying 'your' in French:. . If the object (not person) you're talking about is masculine, you say 'ton'. For example, "J'aime ton livre" (I like

How do you say French in the language of French?

français(e) ------------------------- français (masculine) française (feminine) in french you pronounce words differently depending on if you're a boy or g

Is French a language?

yes it surely is! It is spoken in the country France, located in Europe. I(sgm3) actually speak it quite fluently as well as Spanish.

What language did the French have?

Before the Roman Empire, the Gauls lives in the area where we find France right now. The Gauls spoke Gallic. Then, the Romans conquered the Gauls, and forced them to speak L
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What French films can you get with English subtitles?

Some of the French films with English subtitles include but are not limited to: 8 Women, A Heart in Winter, Belle de Jour, Bitter Moon, Breathless, Jules et Jim, The Discrete