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Where can you play a virtual baby game for free?

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Try babydow.com i like it but to get into the magic forest you have to actually pay (with real money you no yours) to get a pass but you can also get passes for free sometimes. they just opend a nursery and it is very nice. i personaliy love this game
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Baby virtual games?

Try babydow or babyvalley. . My little sister plays it. It sounds boring for teenagers but for little kids, it's pretty fun.

A virtual baby game online?

Cyber Infants is a good virtual baby game that you can play online.You can also go on Hasbro's website and play Baby Alive.

Free virtual baby games online?

There are a lot of games. type virtual baby games in the google toolbar Sugestions: babydow cyber infants zodlers sim baby

Is there any virtual game you can play for free?

YES 100percent look up free rpgs or free virtual pets easy as 123/ 1. ourworld 2. club penguin 3. neo pets 4. show cats/dogs........... why don't you just search on go

Is their a free virtual baby game?

babydow.com you buy it stuff feed it keep it happy its really fun! Okay I don't know of a fun one really, but babydow is SOOOOO not fun if you are looking for a baby that