Where can you read The Hunger Games online?

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You can read it at onread.com and you can read the other two books too
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What to read after The Hunger Games?

Well, Hunger Games is a series, so if you mean by the series, it goes like this from first to last book: Hunger Games Catching Fire & Mockingjay But if your wondering

Is The Hunger Games worth reading?

YES! This is one of the best book series you could find if you love action, romance, and drama. It is about a 16 year old girl trying to escape the Hunger Games, which is a fi

Is there an online game of Hunger Games?

There are a few hunger games websites that have links to the scholastic games, Trial by Fire and Tribute trials - see related links. The official game is called "The Hunger

Should I read the Hunger Games?

Well, yes! :D The Hunger Games are science fiction, yet romantic, yet post-apocalyptic, yet perfect! It's something I would suggest. It's a teen book, so if you're under maybe

Can you read The Hunger Games on iPod?

nope i tried you need this app to read it but apart from that it is impossible unless you are a genius but i doubt anyone that asked this question isn't

Can you be 8 and read the Hunger Games?

I don't think letting an eight year old read The Hunger Games is ok. The movie changed many things to make it less violent, I think letting an eight year old read the book is

How old do you have to be to read the hunger games?

I read the books when I was eleven and they were fine for me. Theyare quite violent but Suzanne's writing is so powerful, you'd bemissing out if you didn't read it. My younger