Where can you read The Hunger Games online?

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You can read it at onread.com and you can read the other two books too
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What to read after The Hunger Games?

Well, Hunger Games is a series, so if you mean by the series, it goes like this from first to last book: Hunger Games Catching Fire & Mockingjay But if your wondering what other good books are out there to read here are two: Hex Hall & Cherub ^^ They are both series...

What age should kids be to read The Hunger Games?

There isn't really a certain age that you should read it. I read it when I was twelve, and finished it when I was fourteen (because that's when Mockingjay came out c; ). It all depends on the maturity level of the child. I know a 9 year old who read the trilogy and loved it, but she is years old (MORE)

What should you read if you liked the Hunger Games?

If you Read The Hunger Games, you should read the Gone trilogy, by Micheal Grant. They are really good, and kind of about the same thing. I also enjoyed the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. But, to be honest, it's a little wierd in the beginning... If you liked the Hunger Games, you should a (MORE)

Why should people read the Hunger Games?

People should read the Hunger Games because it is full of unexpected twists and turns. As a person who has read the Hunger Games several times I have never gotten tired of the storyline. This book has action and romance. For me personally i think the the action mixes well with the romance and there (MORE)

Is The Hunger Games series worth reading?

YES! It's a great book, action-packed, gore, amazing plot line, drama, everything! And if you're going to read it, better read it fast, the movie is coming up, which looks amazing!

What lesson did you learn from reading the Hunger Games?

The lesson I learned is you do not want to be chosen for the Reaping Day lottery. Different answerer: Ha ha. I wouldn't want to face Katniss as an enemy. But I think the asker meant the actual moral. Anyways, there isn't a specific lesson to the hunger games: but one might be that it pays to be t (MORE)

Is The Hunger Games worth reading?

YES! This is one of the best book series you could find if you love action, romance, and drama. It is about a 16 year old girl trying to escape the Hunger Games, which is a fight to the death put on by the capitol. Someone she knows goes in the Games with her but only 1 can survive. She then tries t (MORE)

How old should you be to read the Hunger Games?

I was 12 when I read them and my little sister is 10 and is reading them.. It depends on your interests. There is war. And kissing. People die obviously even young children. You might cry if your sensitive. Your supposed to be 12 to read the book but I know much younger kids that read it too. which (MORE)

Should a sixth grader read the hunger games?

Well I started reading them in 5th grade and I found them very good it is a bit gruesome but it depends some 6th graders I know stopped reading it because they found it a bit scary and gorey. It depends on what genere you like to read. Most 6th graders understand and like the book.....so i think you (MORE)

Can you read hunger games and still understand the book Mockingjay?

I only read half of the first book, all of the second, and I'm partway through Mockingjay. Although, yes it is understandable, it helps a lot if you know the names, about the districts, about the story line, and about 'the berries' that are mentioned countless times in Mockingjay, yet are not explai (MORE)

Should you read The Hunger Games series?

It is a very good book in my opinion, but it is violent. It is a Sci-Fi and Romance novel if you like that type. SO really, it is your decision if you would like that type of book. And if you do read the actual series make sure you don't read the third book.

Is there an online game of Hunger Games?

There are a few hunger games websites that have links to the scholastic games, Trial by Fire and Tribute trials - see related links. The official game is called "The Hunger Games Adventures" and is on Facebook. There is also an Apple & Android app game called "The Girl on Fire".

Did every one in the Hunger Games movie read the book?

I know for sure that all the actors who played the tributes, Prim, Gale, Haymitch, Pres. Snow, etc. have read the series. But I don't know if all the extras and the background actors have read the books, but it would surprise me if they hadn't.

Should I read the Hunger Games?

Well, yes! :D The Hunger Games are science fiction, yet romantic, yet post-apocalyptic, yet perfect! It's something I would suggest. It's a teen book, so if you're under maybe 11, maybe you should wait a bit.

Can you read The Hunger Games on iPod?

nope i tried you need this app to read it but apart from that it is impossible unless you are a genius but i doubt anyone that asked this question isn't

Do you have to read hunger games before seeing it inthe movies?

I've seen the movie already and read the book. you can see it without reading the book, but some scenes wont make sense, like how it flashes to Peeta throwing Katniss bread, but doesn't give the back story. I suggest you read the book before seeing the movie.

What is a good age to read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins?

I'd suggest 9 unless you are scared of things that people your age aren't. I have just resonantly started but my friend who is 9 read it. Her sister who is 8 got nightmares just by looking at the cover so 9 or older is a perfect age to read the hunger games.

Where can you watch The Hunger Games online?

Well, you can go watch it in theatres, or buy the dvd that is coming out, but what i used was megashare.info, and i guess it worked out fine for me, although the quality is good and it doesnt lag a lot

Should you read the hunger games when you're nine?

Depends... Some parents say that they shouldn't some do. But if you do read the book, then the movie will make much more sense. I read the book and I'm 11. I loved it, but to warn you there is killing.

Where can you see the Hunger Games movie online?

You can't watchonline because the movie hasn't been released yet. However, you can watch clips and scenes on Youtube. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Where_can_you_watch_the_hunger_games_online_for_free#ixzz1qnBrGtqn

When will the hunger games movie be released online?

This all depends, you could download NOW on a website, but the quality might not be that great. So, you would have to wait. If you are going to wait, the movie won't come out online until it comes out in stores; which will probably be at the beginning of August, or end of July.

Can you be 8 and read the Hunger Games?

I don't think letting an eight year old read The Hunger Games is ok. The movie changed many things to make it less violent, I think letting an eight year old read the book is a bad idea, and will most likely give the child nightmares. A good age to let your child read the book is eleven, I'm twelve (MORE)

Can 10 year old read the hunger games?

Yes, I think so. I read them when I was ten and I was fine. However, I am a very mature reader, but despite what everyone says, it isn't about kids killing each other, it's got a very strong story about standing up for what you believe in, sticking up for family, never giving up, fight for what you (MORE)

Can you watch the Hunger Games online?

yes but some times the websites aren't very good so just look it up on you tube and you can watch it there but there are seven parts to it on you tube

Why should sixth graders read the hunger games?

All three books were great. you should let your sixth grader read these books because . The books are good and entertaining . 6th graders are looking for excitement in books and if they read the first book then they will be hooked for all the rest of the books . If your 6th grader is mature, th (MORE)

Would The Hunger Games be a good book to read in school?

I think it would depend what grade you are in or which grade you are teaching. ask a teacher or parent. it may have some violent scenes a parent may not like you to be reading. also, if you are in middle school, that and above if probably the best place to start.

How old do you have to be to read the hunger games?

I read the books when I was eleven and they were fine for me. Theyare quite violent but Suzanne's writing is so powerful, you'd bemissing out if you didn't read it. My younger sister was ten whenshe read the trilogy, and some things she didn't understand, likesome words, but she still loved it. I wo (MORE)

Should I read Game of Thrones or Hunger Games first?

It depends on your personal preference. "The Hunger Games" is ayoung adult book and may not hold the interest of adults. "A Gameof Thrones" is intended for mature audiences and features sexscenes, prolific violence, and gory subject matter. Both areexcellent books and are well-liked by readers and c (MORE)