Where did Germans settle in America?

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The first German settlement was Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania found on October 6, 1683. They also settled in other areas a bit west, like Illinois and Michigan.
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How did the Germans settle in Australia?

In the 1800s, under King Friedrich Wilhelm III, German/Prussian Lutherans suffered religious persecution. The German Lutherans were looking to escape the persecution and to go to a country where they had the freedom to worship in their own way.. Thanks to a wealthy Scottish businessman and chairman (MORE)

How was America settled?

America was settled by Europeans who first came to the country insmall numbers. The first colony was Jamestown and was founded bythe British.

Why did europeans explore and settle in the Americas?

\n. \nThe single most prevalent reason that many Europeans left their continent was to escape religious persecution.\nThere were also the adventurers who were true explorers, and dedicated their lives to exploring the new world (the Americas), discovering indigent peoples, mapping the geography the (MORE)

When did the Vikings settle in America?

Leif Ericson was the first European Viking to set foot in the New World ( America), 500 years before Christopher Columbus. However, the vikings made few voyages to America after Leif and it was forgotten again until Christopher Columbus found it again in 1492.

When did the Incas settle in South America?

They settled in the Andes mountains in the peruvian highlands (mountains), in circa 400 A.D. But before then they had travelled for over 100 years searching for a good position to settle their colony! And before them their was the "Pre-Incas" who were around since circa 20000 B.C. who were suspected (MORE)

How did people settle in America?

People settled in American when they were kicked out of othercountries or when they left other countries in order to findfreedom. They often struggled to settle but eventually createdtowns and learned to farm and hunt.

Why is it the Indians were first to settle in America?

The Indian does not believe we were the first to settle in America. First, there is no concrete evidence of a migration from any other country, although many countries seem to want to claim the Indian as their long lost relatives. Many years ago, anthropologist swore the Indian came from Russia. Lat (MORE)

Why did German immigrants settle in this country?

German immigrants settled her in the US becausethey didn't have religious freedom, taxation, inheratence laws, high prices, and high rent. They also left Germany because of the effects of the industrial revolution, poverty, suffering, and they had too many crop faliures.

Who were the first people to settle in America?

The first known people to settle in America were the Vikings. The settled in an area they called "Vinland" (Newfoundland) at around 1000 A.D. Some evidence suggests that there were also different groups of Africans.

Why did the Spanish settle in America?

The Spanish began to explore America looking for land, gold, andother riches. They settled in America to establish colonies forSpain and to search for riches.

Who settled America and why?

Europeans mainly. But particularly those who were facing difficulty at that time. So many Irish people who were facing a potato famine in the 1800s went to America. In 1862 the government made a homestead Act in which you could claim 160 acres of land if you paid $30 after 5 years, the land was almo (MORE)

The Americas were first settled by?

Well, there were many theories of how America was settled. Many say they started in Africa and crossed the Bering Strait land bridge (that is now covered by the ocean) that connected Asia and America and settled in the Americas. Another theory is that they started in South America and moved up north (MORE)

Where did the british settle in North America?

The British settled in various areas in North America. Mainly in the Hudson bay area and the 13 colonies. but before that it was just small settlements and such as Jamestown and St. George in Bermuda, these were small settlements, one of the long lasting one was not an English starter but a Dutch on (MORE)

Why did Germans settle in Australia?

The first wave of German immigrants in the 1830s came to escape the persecution of King Friedrich Wilhelm the third of Prussia who wanted them to join the state church rather than to carry on their own religion. Thanks to a wealthy Scottish businessman and chairman of the South Australian Company (MORE)

Where did Norwegians settle in America?

Although Norwegians settled all across America, large concentrations & populations settled in the upper midwest, particularily in Minnesota & North Dakota . Minnesota has the highest number of ethnic Norwegians, there are about 1.5million Norwegians in Minnesota, about 30% of the total population o (MORE)

Why did the Germans settle in America?

Many people from many backgrounds traveled to America. This question is too open; a German could have moved as a result to prejudice from the Nazis, or for the reasons most other people moved to America back in 19th century

Why did the dutch settle in north America?

The Dutch settled in North America because the Dutch governmentwanted to find a new route to the Indies as well as find anyuncharted areas. The Dutch started two settlements, New Netherlandsand New Amsterdam.

How did Chinese settle in America?

The Chinese first settled in California via the California Gold Rush in 1849. From there they helped build America's first transcontinental railroad in 1869. From there they settled in large cities, primarily San Francisco (as did everyone else) and they set up shops.

Where did the Germans settle in North Carolina?

Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC Western piedmont NC (MORE)

Where did France settle in north America?

France colonized a very large stretch of land in the sixteenth century stretching around the northern and northwestern parts of the British thirteen colonies to all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Much of this territory was sold to the United States of America with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

How did German immigrants settle in the US?

well, back in Germany there was a large famine going around and so they all fled to America. most of them had enough money to buy lands and begin farms of their own.... then people started hating on them, saying that they took their jobs and all this other stuff, but that's a totally different quest (MORE)

What countries settled in america?

Its not counties states or colonies.... dummy reply: you are the dummy we are asking what the countries settling in America are. there are four possible answers and one is false: France Spain Portugal England

Why did the Germans settle in Texas?

Texans of German birth or descent have, since the mid-19th century, made up one of the largest ethnic groups in the state. By 1850 they numbered five percent of the total population-a conservative count. The 1990 census listed more than 17 percent of the population, nearly three million individuals, (MORE)

Why was America settled?

The Puritan Protestants of England had grown tired and weary of King James the 1st attempts to bring England back to Catholicsm and left in hopes of a new world.

Why did people explore and then settle America?

People explored and settled America, first because of rumors, andthen because of opportunity. Previous exploration took legends andexaggerated stories about great lands in the Americas. Thisattracted many people. They may not have found everything that wasrelated in tale, but discovered enough to wa (MORE)

Where did most German immigrants settle?

The first groups of German immigrants settled primarily in New Yorkand Pennsylvania. The arrivals before 1850 were mostly farmers whosought out the most productive land. German Americans establishedthe first kindergartens in the United States.

Why did the Germans settle in South Australia?

At the time when German immigrants were escaping persecution, South Australia was just opening up for colonisation. Thanks to a wealthy Scottish businessman and chairman of the South Australian Company, George Fife Angas, a deal was struck by Pastor August Kavel to start a new Lutheran settlement in (MORE)

Where did Jews settle in America?

Many of the early Jewish settlers first came to New York's LowerEast Side. However, others settled in smaller numbers throughoutAmerica.

Where did people settle in North America?

People settled all over North America. In the U. S. , the firstarrivals mainly settled on frontier land. This basicallyencompassed the Eastern seaboard. It would take several years,however, before the colonies would see expansion to the west. TheBritish, Spanish, French, and other European explorers (MORE)

When was Colonial America settled and who settled there?

Colonial America is generally considered to have started in 1492 and ended in the late 1700s. During that time, England, Scotland, France, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, and Courland all colonized various parts of North, Central, and South America.

Where did the first colonists settle in America?

The first colony was the "lost colony" of Roanoke, an island off the coast of South Carolina. This colony disappeared and historians still don't know what happened. The next colony was Jamestown. Jamestown was begun in 1607 by a group of investors who sent 104 men to look for gold. They landed in an (MORE)

When did Puritans settle in America?

The first Pilgrims in America went to Virginia in 1618, but most went to New England. The Pilgrims founded the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts in 1620. Other Puritans established the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the area of present-day Boston in 1829 and the Connecticut Colony in 1636.

Why did the puritans come to America and where did they settle?

The Puritans were English Protestants who were unhappy with the Church of England. They believed it was a product of man-made doctrines and strayed too far from the Bible. It was too close, they felt, to the Catholic church in its rich decoration and its belief that a person could have a relationshi (MORE)

Who were the first pioneer to settle in America?

The Vikings, assuming you are referring to European explorers; theyestablished settlements in Vinland, Newfoundland until they decidedthat the land was not worth settling further. Then came along theSpanish 500 years later, and although it is difficult to estimatetheir earliest permanent settlement (MORE)

Where did German immigrants settle in Queensland?

Two of the first places where German immigrants settled inQueensland were in the Jacob's Well-Alberton area, just north oftoday's Gold Coast, and on the opposite side of the Logan River tothat location - what is now southern Redlands.

When did Germans settle in Australia?

The first group of 21 German settlers arrived on the ship 'Bengalee' on 18 November 1838 , followed two days later by the main group on the 'Prince George'. They first settled at the town of Klemzig. Many more ships followed over the next three years.

Where did portuguese settle in the America?

Portuguese settlled in the American colonies during the seventeenthand eighteenth centuries. 70% of Portuguese immigrants to theUnited States came from the Azores, while most of the remaindercame from the other Portuguese islands in the Atlantic. Most of theemigrants from mainland Portugal went to B (MORE)

Why did the native Americans settle in America?

They just made their way there as part of the early human diaspora(across the Bering land bridge) and because there was a living tobe had there, settled and thrived. Some of their descendants alsomigrated south to populate the Southern American continent. Remember all humans originally started out i (MORE)