Where did Gujarat get its name?

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well gujarat came from gujara i don know wat it is but i read it day before yesterday
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Name of tehsils of all districts of Gujarat?

In 2010 what will be the status of Gujarat in India and in the World ?. The Gujarat in 2010, its Infracture, Education, Industry, Trade, Agriculture, Tourism, Transportation,

Where is Gujarat?

Gujarat;one of the leading states of the country is located in thewestern part of the country; flanked by Maharshtra in the South,Rajasthan in the north and Madhya Pradesh to

All Names of cities under gujarat?

Ahmedabad Ankleshwar Atul Anand Ambaji Bharuch Baroda Bilimora Bhavnagar Dwarka gandhinagar Jamnagar Junagadh Kutch Mehsana Morbi Patan Nadiad

How did gujarat get its name?

it got its name from gujjar community...........it was called gujjar-rashtrya......gradually it turned into gujarat