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Where did Italians settle in America?

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in east America
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When did the Italians settle in Australia?

Italian people began moving to Australia in large numbers after World War II, when the government began accepting refugees from European countries. Many Italians moved to Aust

When did Puritans settle in America?

The first Pilgrims in America went to Virginia in 1618, but most went to New England. The Pilgrims founded the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts in 1620. Other Puritans establi

Where did Italians settle in Australia?

They settled all over Australia, in many places especially Sydney as now it is the city with the most Italians. Although now Italians are found all over Australia.  Since the

Where in the US did most Italian immigrants settle?

  The US states with most Italian immigrants are New York, New Jersey , California, Pennsylvania and Florida. Each has more than 1 million Italian Americans.

Where did Germans settle in America?

The first German settlement was Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania found on October 6, 1683. They also settled in other areas a bit west, like Illinois and Michigan.

Where did the british settle in North America?

The British settled in various areas in North America. Mainly in the Hudson bay area and the 13 colonies. but before that it was just small settlements and such as Jamestown a

Where in New York did Italian immigrants settle?

While many scattered across the United States in the hope of gaining the dream of land in the New World many felt comfortable in New York City where many of their countrymen h