Where did Italians settle in America?

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in east America
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How was America settled?

America was settled by Europeans who first came to the country insmall numbers. The first colony was Jamestown and was founded bythe British.

How did italians get to America?

Italian immigrants came to America just as others from differentcountries, on a boat. Once reaching New York and registering, theywere able to migrate to different parts of th

Who settled America and why?

Europeans mainly. But particularly those who were facing difficulty at that time. So many Irish people who were facing a potato famine in the 1800s went to America. In 1862 th

What suburbs did the Italians settle in Australia?

Answer 1 They first came to Perth but then after that most of the Italian community came to Darwin. Today there are more then 50, 000 Italy born people living there. Answe

Why was America settled?

The Puritan Protestants of England had grown tired and weary of King James the 1st attempts to bring England back to Catholicsm and left in hopes of a new world.

When did the Italians settle in Australia?

Italian people began moving to Australia in large numbers after World War II, when the government began accepting refugees from European countries. Many Italians moved to Aust