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Where did Kakashi get the sharingan?

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Kakashi did not start out with the sharingan he got it from his friend in his childhood after his eye was cut in battle.
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How did Kakashi get his sharingan?

He got his sharingan from Obito Uchiha After achieving Ninja Rank Jonin (jo-neen) He got a gift from everybody on the team.Obito never gave him one.Later Two Bandits come in

How did Kakashi get sharingan?

He Got it From Obito when he was on a mission when he was younger. Obito got crushed by a rock and gave kakashi his Sharingan as a gift before he died. Obito had the Sharingan

How does Kakashi get his sharingan?

well, when kakashi just became jonin him and his team mates and his teacher(the 4th hokage, minato, yellow flash...) went on a mission,he was with Obito (Uchiha) and another f

How does Kakashi get sharingan?

When kakashi was young he was sent on a mission he hurt hist eye and in result of the mission his friend( an uchiha ) dies and gives his eye to kakashi.

How did Kakashi get his Sharingan eye?

Kakashi when he was about 13 he went on a mission with the old team 7 with Rin(I dont know her last name)Obito Uchiha and his sensei.. . Anyway,Obito was about to get hit wit

How did Kakashi get the original sharingan?

He got it from his teammate Obito Uchiha during a mission. Obito had pussed kakashi and rin out of the way of like a bunch of rocks and got crushed in return. Then Obito told

Who gave Kakashi the sharingan?

Obito gave Kakashi the sharingan. When Kakashi was young he was trained under the 4th Hokage and his team mates were Obito and Rin. Obito is a member of the Uchiha Clan and th

Who episode Kakashi reveal who his have the sharingan?

um....i dont understand the grammer sentence of ur question....but....... it happens in no episode. only on naruto volume 27. he got it from his childhood teammate, obito uc

How does Kakashi have sharingan?

When Kakashi was in the Fourth's Squad when he was younger, he and his team mates, Rin and Obito Uchiha, went on a mission to destroy a bring that an enemy was using. Kakashi

Does Kakashi have sharingan?

Only in one eye. I think it's his left? It came from his friend Obito.

How does Kakashi get his mangekyo sharingan?

He killed his teammate Rin, just a few months after first obtaining the sharingan. The circumstances of why he did it, are not yet revealed.

Was Kakashi born with sharingan?

No he wasn't he only got it from one of his dear friends who was a uchiha.They were on a mission and Kakashi got hurt in the eye.His comrade and rival died trying to save them