Where did Noah's Flood happen?

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According to the Bible, the Flood covered the whole world. Certainly, it would not be possible for waters to cover Mount Ararat without covering the whole world - assuming that there is somehow enough water to achieve this. On the other hand, Egypt and other ancient civilisations continued right through the period attributed to the Flood, blissfully unaware of its existence. If there was a great Flood, it must have been a localised event.

Ian Wilson (Before the Flood) has amassed considerable evidence that the story of Noah's Flood, in common with a number of even more ancient flood stories from the Near East and elsewhere, is probably a folk memory of the natural flooding of the Black Sea. This low-lying region had been a fertile plain until the Mediterranean Sea broke through the Bosphorus, although not in 3000 BCE but actually 5200 BCE. The prevailing consensus of scientists is that between 14,000, when the last Ice Age came to an end, and 5000 BCE the world's sea-levels rose by no less than 120 to 130 metres. This sea level rise resulted in the British Isles being cut off from the European mainland, the Bering Strait being opened, and the Mediterranean Sea broke through the Bosphorus. It is this last event that probably brought about the story of the Flood.
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Is the Biblical flood of Noah's day historical?

Flood of Noah's Day To Christians the Biblical flood of Noah's day is an historical event simply because it is recorded in the Bible. However, to non-Christians an event being recorded in the Bible means nothing. To those people, the only way to believe that Noah's flood was a historical event is (MORE)

What year was the Biblical flood of Noah's ark?

Another answer from our community: In Genesis Chapter 5 we read in verse 3, "And Adam lived a hundredand thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after hisimage; and called his name Seth:" (Genesis 5:3). So far we have 130years from the creation of the world. In verse 6 we read: "And Set (MORE)

How many people died in the flood of Noah's day?

This depends very much on a number of variables which need to be clarified in order to understand the conclusion reached. It must also be remembered that it never was the intention of any Biblical author to satisfy the modern thirst for detailed information and statistics. However, using various ass (MORE)

In Noah's ark story how big is the flood and about how many animals were on the ark and where did it happen exactly?

Opinion . The Bible says that the Flood covered the whole world, at least to the top of the mountain called Ararat in the Old Testament days, which may or may not be the Mount Ararat we know today.. According to the Genesis 7:2, there were 2 of each kind of "unclean" animal, 7 of each type of "c (MORE)

How long did Noah's flood last?

Noah and his family were in the ark for 370 days (by my calculations). Below is a breakdown, which might also help answer your question if you were only wanting to know how long the earth was covered with water. My answer was based on adding these numbers together: 40 --the number of days it rai (MORE)

Was Noah's flood real?

No. The flood described in the Bible is allegorical, meant to illustrate moral lessons rather than to depict some actual event. Another Answer: Yes, Jesus Himself, confirmed it to be an actual event: Matthew 24:38-39 New King James Version (NKJV) 38 For as in the days before the f (MORE)

What was the flood like for Noah's ark?

The flood must have seemed like a neverending downpour . It lasted for 40 days and 40 nights. The flood water levels were well above the mountains whose tops couldn't be seen [Genesis 8:5].

What does the flood in Noah's ark symbolize?

Washing away the old to prepare for the new. Another answer: Noah's ark is a symbol of God's salvation. The way of salvation isprovided by God. The ark is a picture of Christ. Also in the story we see God's wrath against sinners but also Hisgrace and patience in seeking to draw all men to repenta (MORE)

How did it flood in Noah's time?

The ancients did not realise that before it rains, the water has to evaporate from the ocean, and so assumed that rain came from water already up in the heavens (See for example Genesis 1:6, where the firmament separates the waters above from the waters below). All it needed to do was rain long enou (MORE)

Was the Ice Age after Noah's Flood or before?

A: The last Ice Age began to melt around 16,000 years ago. After some gradual warming over several thousands of years there was suddenly a reversion to a short sharp mini Ice Age that scientists call the Younger Dryas . This event is dated to sometime around the 10th and 9th millennia BCE. Only a (MORE)

Was there a flood before Noah's flood?

Yes Answers The Grand Canyon proves that during days of creation the continents were built layer by layer by global Flood before. Each time it would flood the earth for a whole year and rise the land back up. This is the nature of how the land rose since each land continent must be lighter in tota (MORE)

How is the Life of Pi related to Noah's flood?

There are some similarities. Pi is on board a small ship with a fewanimals who are all in some state of difficulty. There is astruggle for survival; Noah has to care for animals he has no realexperience with. Pi is also on the open seas for months, floatingalong, until he finally gets some indicatio (MORE)

What area did Noah's flood take up?

According to the biblical account, it appears that Noah's Flood covered the entire Earth, to a depth of several kilometres. Genesis 7:19-20 . 19 And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered. 20 Fifteen cubits upward di (MORE)

Scientific proof for the story of Noah's Flood?

Since the vast majority of scientists would not agree that Noah's Flood as related in the Bible is literally true, the 'scientific position' would be that there is no scientific proof for the event because it did not happen. . However, many people coming usually from either a religious (usually fun (MORE)

Where did Noah's ark come to rest after the flood?

It is written in book of Genesis where Noah's ark rested but does not refer to any specific mountain or peak so even today we don't know the exact location. Mount Ararat can be found in modern day Turkey near the border of Iran. Genesis 8:4 And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the sevent (MORE)

Was there a climate change after Noah's flood?

Young Earth Creationists say there was a climate change after the biblical Flood, that this was 'the' Ice Age that scientists talk about. They say the Ice Age that must have come just over four thousand years ago explains the geological formations, such as the Grand Canyon, that clearly are the resu (MORE)

Where did Noah's ark happen?

I don't know , but I do know the ark landed on mount Ararat. (Armenia?) and archaeologists also discovered a structure the exact size as the bible says Noah's ark is.

What happened after Noah's Flood?

A biblical answer would be that Noah worshipped God and then they repopulated the earth. A practical answer, if the Flood ever really happened as described in the Bible, is that Noah carefully travelled the world, returning species of animals to eactly where they came from. He returned coyotes, a (MORE)

What was the extent of Noah's Flood?

The Bible says that the Ark settled on top of Mount Ararat, which is 5,137 metres (16,854 feet) high. Any flood that covered the mountain would have required the entire world to be covered to at least this depth. In fact, to ensure that all people not on the Ark were drowned, the Flood must have bee (MORE)

Is there any evidence outside the bible about the Noah's flood?

There is evidence all over the planet in a world wide flood from the sediment deposits. Scientists call them the "geologic layers." Scientists claim the layers are from different geologic time zones that are millions of years apart but they can't explain why there have been dinosaur fossils found in (MORE)

What was the first tree planted after Noah's Flood?

After a flood of either 150 days duration (Genesis 7:24) or one year's duration (Genesis 7:11,8:14), one would expect that every living plant and tree would be dead. However, the story has no provision for taking plants, seeds or spores onto the Ark, nor any provision for replanting after the Flood. (MORE)

How is Utnapishtim's story of immortality similar to Noah's flood in the Bible?

Utnapishtim's search for immortality is not reflected in the biblical story of Noah, but the Flood stories are remarkably similar. In both cases a god sought to destroy all humaniity, but in one case Utnapishtim was to be spared, while in the other case Noah, each being instructed to build a boat. (MORE)

Did the story of Noah's Ark happen?

No. The Story of Noah's Ark is a story of myth and legend, similar to many other even older stories in the ancient Near East. Another well-known version of the same story is to be found in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Some believe that the flood stories of the Near East did have a historical basis, altho (MORE)

What was Noah's ark and flood all about?

After Adam and Eve sinned, evil came into the world and grew and grew until one day God realized that they only person who was loyal to him was Noah and his family. Everyone else was evil and corrupt. So God commanded Noah to build an ark on dry land, and all his neighbors laughed at him because he (MORE)

Where did the Biblical flood of Noah's ark occur?

If the Flood really covered the top of Mount Ararat, a five kilometre high extinct volcano, then the flood waters must have covered the entire world. This of course raises the question of where so much water came from and where it went after the Flood. Recent research indicates that the major 'floo (MORE)

Where did Noah's sons go to live after the flood?

Genesis 10 gives some of the answers, but not all. There isn't an exact direction or location of some, but from the names you can know where they went. For example, Canaan went to live in the area that bears his name, likewise Cush. It does say that Nimrod was a son of Cush, a son of Ham, went int (MORE)

What happened to Noah's Ark?

Answer According to the Book of Genesis, Noah's Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat, where some say it remains to this day, waiting to be found. Another view is that the Story of Noah's Ark is a story of myth and legend, similar to many other even older stories in the ancient Near East. There was nev (MORE)

What happened to the earth after Noah's Flood?

A: For this, we only have the story in the Bible, which makes no suggestion that the earth was affected in any way by that Flood. Scientists confirm this, saying they can find no physical evidence even of the Flood itself.

Why did the flood of Noah's time come about?

In those days of Noah , the people were living very wicked , sinful and immoral lives marrying and remarrying, something like today. So God sent the flood to wipe out these sinful people.

Did the fish die in Noah's flood?

Probably not directly. Genesis 7:21 says". . .Every living thing that moved on land perished-birds, livestock, wild animals, all the creatures that swarm over the earth, and all mankind.." (NIV)

How long was the Earth flooded during Noah's Flood?

A: In the Book of Genesis, we can also find that one story has the flood subsiding in just forty days , while another says that it lasted one whole year . The reason for this surprising find is that there are actually two stories of Noah's Ark in the Bible, written by two different authors and c (MORE)

How did the angles of noah's flood procreate with the women?

They simply did not. Jesus said that when we become spirit beings like the Angels are now, we will neither marry or be given in marriage. For those who still consider this to have occurred means they do not believe John 1:1-3 which states God the Father created all things through Jesus Christ. For (MORE)

Had it ever rained before the flood in Noah's day?

A: You can be sure that it has rained on earth for billions of years. The rain and the resulting run-off water gradually gouged our river valleys and built up vast layers of sedimentary ('formed from sediments') rock right across the world, even trapping ancient fossils as they formed.

How does science look at Noah's Flood?

A: Until quite recently, most research scientists were Christians and implicitly believed that Noah's Flood was a historical event. Many believed that all they had to do was look for the evidence and they would find it. Science has moved on and scientists, both Christian and non-Christian, acknowle (MORE)

Why do you like the story of Noah's Ark and the flood?

A: The story of Noah's Ark is a great children's story, full of imagination and adventure but not too scary. Perhaps it is unfortunate that it provides a religious explanation for the rainbow, as this will create a minor problem in later schooling when children will learn that the laws of physics (MORE)

When did God judge the world with Noah's Flood?

A: According to the biblical account, there was a worldwide flood approximately 4350 years ago. This should be understood in the context of the evidence that the biblical flood never occurred.

Were there people after the flood that destroyed Noah's Ark?

Answer 1 . According to the Holy Bible, all life on earth perished in the flood, except for those on the Ark which landed on the Mountains of Ararat in Turkey! . Answer 2 . Since there is no archaeological proof of Noah's Ark, the only places that we could look to find an answer would be the (MORE)

What happened after the Noah's flood?

One thought: Noah obediently 'walked with God' (Genesis 6:9+22) up to and through the flood, and he continued to do so afterward. After the ark landed on Mt Ararat (in Turkey) Noah and his family came out on dry land, and built an alter to God, using some of the animals as sacrifices (Genesis 8:1 (MORE)