Where did the Aryans come from and why?

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The word Aryan is an archaic term for either the proto-Indo-European people who are believed to have originated in central Russia, or the proto-Indo-Iranian people who originated in southern Russia.
As part of the mass migration of people over many thousands of years, proto-Indo-European people migrated westward into much of Europe, taking their language with them. Not all these people migrated westward, and a proto-Indo-Iranian culture developed in the south of Russia, probably around 2500 BCE. A few centuries later, a group migrated south-east into India, taking both language and the early Hindu religion with them. A later group also migrated south, to the east of the Caspian Sea, into eastern Iran, also taking language and the Zoroastrian religion. A third group migrated south, around the western edge of the Caspian Sea into western Iran. This last group, which was to become the Medes and Persians, took an older religion with them but converted, centuries later, to Zoroastrianism.
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Who were the Aryans?

The Aryans were historically an ancient people from central Asiaaround the Caspian Sea, and they had a profound influence on theformation of ancient India and Persia/Iran- in

What did the Aryans do?

They took power in Dasyu territory and destroyed stone forts in northwest India and Pakistan.

Why did the Aryan Race come about?

The notion of an "Aryan Race" has been around for a long time. As for "why" they came about, I'm not really sure. Wikipedia says:. -- Aryan is an English word derived from

Who were the Aryans and where did they come from?

The Aryans were organized into many tribes called Janas. Each Jana consisted of a number of villages called Gramas. A Grama was composed of a number of families. Each village

Where did Aryans come to India from?

In the 8 th Chapter of his world famous book, Satyarth Prakash, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati describing The Creation , Sustenance and Dissolution of The Universe, quoting

Where did The term Aryan come from?

The term Aryan is used of a group of Indo-European languages. It does not denote a race or ethnic group, but was misused in that sense already in the 1880s.

Where did the aryans come from when they arrived in india?

Some scholars believe they came from somewhere between the Caspian and Aral seas, they crossed over the northwest mountain passes into the Indus River Valley of India. Other
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Who were the Aryan race exactly which part of the world did they come from?

The aryan race was a vision, by Hitler, or the perfect human. Tall, blonde, blue eyed people. The holocaust was the Nazis attempt of achieving this. The aryan race was never r
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Who were the Aryans. What did they do?

They basically brought Hinduism in a more bigger view at that timeand connected many gods ((including their own)) to the religion.They were also bringers of knowledge about ot
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Who were he Aryans?

They were a race and tribe in ancient India. Later on, the word wasused in Nazi Germany to describe the blonde and blue-eyed 'pureGermanic' race.