Where did the butterfly necklace worn by Amanda Holden on Britains Got More Talent come from?

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I can't answer, but am looking for it too - please post here if you find out!! Been looking for it for weeks - someone out there must know where its from!!!
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Where can you buy necklace like Amanda Holden wears in Britains got talent?

Depending on which one you mean... She wears one that's a cluster of silver baubles (may not be silver?!?) you can buy one from silverleaf in Bluewater... It's a bit smaller b

When does Britains Got Talent Series 3 come out?

Britians got talent series 3 is out in April on itv1 starts at 9pm and should finish about 10pm in my sky magazine they have not put a date but i would imagine its in the East

What place did susan boyle come in Britains got talent?

Subscribe to SusanHasGotTalent on YouTube and I'll let you know nearer the time, end of May. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsP71Ki_HI4&feature=channel_page Answer 2 .