Where did the first Italians live?

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Where Italians live?

Italians live in the top part of NSW and in Sydney. The Italians value there stay, but that doesnt mean that allItalians live in Sydney. 45% of Italians live in other states o

How did italian immigrants live their lives in america?

Due to poor economic conditions in Italy, many Italian immigrantsmigrated to the United States in the 19th century. They settled inethnic neighborhoods and kept their Italian

What is 'Live live' when translated from English to Italian?

Vivere la vita is an Italian equivalent of the Englishphrase "to live life." Specifically, the present infinitive vivere is "to live."The feminine singular definite arti

What is Italian way to live and eat?

The Italian way of living in relation to food is to enjoy all meals in company and take as long over them as is needed. Food eaten on the go or quickly is limited to a capp

What do Italians live in?

In larger cites, Italians favor living in apartments. Apartmentsare owned or rented. They live in houses in the country. They livein farm houses and city houses as well.

What is 'live' in Italian?

Vivo is an Italian equivalent of 'live' in the sense of 'alive'. It's the masculine form of an adjective whose feminine form is 'viva'. Both forms are pronounced 'VEE-voh' an

What is 'I live in' in Italian?

( Io ) v ivo in ... is an Italian equivalent of the incomplete English phrase "I live in... ." Specifically, the subject pronoun io ("I") does not have to be used

What did Italians do for a living?

they go and have coffees with friends, they play football, soccer with a team, they go to the lothaire with friends family.. i hope i helped you