Where did the indigenous aborigines of Australia come from?

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The Australian aborigines are believed to have come from Asia, crossing via a series of land bridges that existed thousands of years ago. They were the original inhabitants before the Europeans arrived.

DNA research links them to regions of the Indian subcontinent, and they were believed to have passed through southeast Asia on their way to Australia. They were not from the Pacific or Polynesian islands.
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What aboriginal problems are in Australia?

Answer . Unfortunately, many and varied. To begin with there are MAJOR health and education issues, that are recognised but not addressed. In Central Australia the average mortality rate is 43, a mortality rate that dates back to 200 years ago. Chronic health problems including; alcohol abuse, d (MORE)

Where did aboriginals come from?

The word aboriginal means the original or first people to inhabit a certain region. When capitalised it has come to mean the indigenous inhabitants of Australia.

Who are the indigenous people of Australia?

The correct name of the indigenous people of Australia is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They are commonly known as Aborigines, but this is not the name by which they prefer to be known.

Where did the Aborigines come from?

The Aborigines are believed to have originally come from Asia. DNA links them to regions of India, and they were believed to have passed through southeast Asia on their way to Australia. They were not from the Pacific or Polynesian islands.

Why did the aborigines come to Australia?

Many evolutionist believe that the Aborigines have been living in Australia for at least 40,000 years if not longer, and that they are the original Australians, not the white man. We know that to be true, just as we know the Native Americans were living on the North American continent before the whi (MORE)

Why did aboriginal people come to Australia?

No written records exist of the time when and reason why Aborigines first came to Australia, so the answer to this question may only be gained through speculation. Anthropologists believe the Aborigines have always been a nomadic people, in that they would follow the seasons of foods available in pa (MORE)

When did aboriginal people come to Australia?

The exact date is not known but there is evidence that aborigineswere living in and colonizing Australia 40,000 ( forty thousand) years ago. In response to this common answer. There is no real evidencethat Aboriginals came across from another country, its purespeculation. However, there is eviden (MORE)

How did the Aboriginals get to Australia?

Aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia. DNA testing hasindicated that the Australian Aborigines originally came from theIndian subcontinent. They are believed to have come to Australiavia the land bridges that existed thousands of years ago but whichare now submerged.

What is the indigenous name for Australia?

The indigenous people of Australia did not have a name for the land. Indigenous Australians did not have any knowledge, whatsoever, of any other existing countries, therefore did not find any reason in naming their home. It wasn't necessary to their way of life to identify a whole continent, given t (MORE)

Are there still aborigines in Australia?

Yes, there are approximately 455,031 indigenous Australians, comprising 2.4 percent of the Australian population.. In 2006, 455,028 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were counted in the Australian Census.

What is the aboriginal name for Canberra Australia?

The local indigenous people were believed to use the word Kamberra in reference to the site where Canberra now stands. The word has always been thought to mean "meeting place". However, more recent evidence suggests it may actually be a corruption of the indigenous word "ngambri", taken from the i (MORE)

How did Aboriginal people come to Australia?

It is a debatable question due to the fact that nobody seems toagree on when they actually arrived. Depending on who you choose tobelieve, the Aborigines arrived in Australia somewhere between40,000 and 120,000 years ago. One argument runs that they virtuallywalked to Australia because of low sea le (MORE)

Where does aboriginal come from?

"Aborigional" describes the spiritual Native Australian belief of the world around them, life after death, lifestyle and creation story.They believe that everything on the earth(animals, plants, clouds etc) were once nothing, and that they were created by spirits coming from the earths core and taki (MORE)

Who are the aborigines of Australia?

The Aborigines of Australia (including the Torres Strait Islanders) are the indigenous Australians, and the people who were here thousands of years before European settlement. DNA research seems to indicate that they originally migrated from the Indian subcontinent. The aborigines of Australia wer (MORE)

When did the Australian aborigines come to Australia?

One theory, "The Replacement Theory"suggests that modern humans who lived from before 150,000 years ago to possibly less than 10,000 years ago in Africa, radiated out into south east Asia and then into the rest of the world via land bridges. At least 60,000 years ago seems to be the best guess.

How long ago did the aboriginals come to Australia?

The oldest dated item found in Australia dates back to 47,000 B.C.and scientists estimate that humans could have been on thecontinent as far back as 175,000 B.C. (Dortch 1994 - Journal ofRoyal Society of Western Australia 77:23-32) Scientists, can't exactly tell, but most trustworthy sites say30,000 (MORE)

Are aboriginals the same as indigenous Australians?

The indigenous people in Australia were called Aboriginals / Aborigines by the early English. In recent times, a distinction has been made between the Torres Straight Islanders (who originally settled in the very tropical north) and the Aboriginals, who were elsewhere in the country. Both the Torre (MORE)

Who was the first Aborigine to come to Australia?

Australian Aborigines first arrived on the continent around 50,000 years ago so it is impossible to know who was the first Aborigine to have arrived. It is like asking who was the first Chinese person in China or who was the first Navajo to arrive in the USA. There are simply no records of these thi (MORE)

When did the first aboriginal people come to australia?

It isn't exactly known when they first migrated to Australia, but the general consensus is that the modern Aboriginals (Aboriginals as we know them today) migrated to Australia around (15,000 - 20,000) years ago. There is a LOT of evidence of a far older culture living in Australia for at least 60, (MORE)

Who are the aboriginals in Australia?

"Aboriginal" is an adjective which describe a type of people. TheAboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are the indigenous people ofAustralia, the first natives of Australia, and believed to be mostclosely related to the indigenous people of the Indiansubcontinent. The Australian Aborigines were in (MORE)

The indigenous population of Australia is called what?

Either 'Indigenous people' or Australian aboriginals. The ancestors of these people were originally Torres Strait Islanders, from the location they came from; however, many other tribal groups have joined the population since. It is hard to say what they call themselves as there were more than 250 (MORE)

When the indigenous Australia lived in Australia?

Aboriginal people continue to live in Australia, they live in rural and outback areas as well as the cities. Indigenous Australians participate in all aspects of society and many continue to maintain and preserve their unique cultures, traditional stories, languages etc. Evidence suggests that Abori (MORE)

Whereabouts did aborigines live in Australia?

The indigenous people of Australia, known as the Aborigines, were found throughout the continent. They lived from the coastal areas (including offshore islands), through the mountains, the bush and in the deserts.

What is the history of the aborigines of Australia?

They settled from asia to australia 50,000 years ago. The britishbegan to send convicts there and then they fought for their land.The british won, and today, we have less aborigines than we didbefore the war. (500,000)

What do aboriginal people in Australia wear?

Australian Aborigines now wear the same clothing as other Australians. They have been westernised, integrated into white society, and have adopted non-indigenous styles of dress, housing and food. Some still live in desert and outback regions, and these aboriginals do not worry about shoes, but the (MORE)

What impact did the British have on Aborigines in Australia?

When the white settlers came, the Aborigines were dispossessed of their land and, much later, "encouraged" onto reserves, supposedly for their protection. They were forced off their traditional hunting grounds, and certainly herded away from the fertile coastal areas where there was plenty of food. (MORE)

What is an example of an indigenous species in Australia?

Australia's most common indigenous animals are marsupials . These are the pouched mammals (some pouches are nothing more than a flap of skin) and include: . some sixty species of kangaroo, including wallaroo, potoroo, pademelon, rufous rat-kangaroo and wallaby (note: the rat-kangaroo is quite dif (MORE)

Did the aboriginals come to Australia first?

I guess so. Aboriginals have owned the land of what we now call, 'Australia,' for what has said to been over 40,000 years. It's believed that the Aboriginals were in fact the original owners of Australia, and this situation has caused debate between many cultures for years upon end. As one website h (MORE)

Is indigenous a aboriginal people?

Yes it is! Indigenous refers to anything that is native to a perticular area (doesnt need to be human) Aboriginal means a person who is native to a perticular area (generally country) An Aboriginal American is often refered too (incorrectly) as an Indian. Also native American. An Aboriginal Australi (MORE)

Are rabbits indigenous to Australia?

Rabbits are not indigenous to Australia. They have been introducedto the continent, and have caused untold ecological damage sincethey were let loose in Victoria in the 1850s.