Where did the indigenous aborigines of Australia come from?

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The Australian aborigines are believed to have come from Asia, crossing via a series of land bridges that existed thousands of years ago. They were the original inhabitants before the Europeans arrived.

DNA research links them to regions of the Indian subcontinent, and they were believed to have passed through southeast Asia on their way to Australia. They were not from the Pacific or Polynesian islands.
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Why did the aborigines come to Australia?

Many evolutionist believe that the Aborigines have been living in Australia for at least 40,000 years if not longer, and that they are the original Australians, not the white

Why did aboriginal people come to Australia?

No written records exist of the time when and reason why Aborigines first came to Australia, so the answer to this question may only be gained through speculation. Anthropolog

When did aboriginal people come to Australia?

The exact date is not known but there is evidence that aborigineswere living in and colonizing Australia 40,000 ( forty thousand) years ago. In response to this common answ

How did Aboriginal people come to Australia?

It is a debatable question due to the fact that nobody seems toagree on when they actually arrived. Depending on who you choose tobelieve, the Aborigines arrived in Australia

When did the Australian aborigines come to Australia?

One theory, "The Replacement Theory"suggests that modern humans who lived from before 150,000 years ago to possibly less than 10,000 years ago in Africa, radiated out into sou

Why did Australian Aborigines come to Australia?

The Australian Aboriginies came to Australia from Asia looking for new land and food. As there was still an ice age they came by hand made canoes which was the first sea trave

How long ago did the aboriginals come to Australia?

The oldest dated item found in Australia dates back to 47,000 B.C.and scientists estimate that humans could have been on thecontinent as far back as 175,000 B.C. (Dortch 1994

Who was the first Aborigine to come to Australia?

Australian Aborigines first arrived on the continent around 50,000 years ago so it is impossible to know who was the first Aborigine to have arrived. It is like asking who was

When did the first aboriginal people come to australia?

It isn't exactly known when they first migrated to Australia, but the general consensus is that the modern Aboriginals (Aboriginals as we know them today) migrated to Australi

Did the aboriginals come to Australia first?

I guess so. Aboriginals have owned the land of what we now call, 'Australia,' for what has said to been over 40,000 years. It's believed that the Aboriginals were in fact the