Where did the term 'big wig' come from?

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Big-Wig Check Out Maven's "Word of the Day", which happened to be BigWig. http://www.randomhouse.com/wotd/index.pperl?date=19980818
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Where does the term big wig come from?

In the late 1700's it was common practice for men to wear wigs. Thebigger the wig, the more expensive they were, thus; the term bigwigs refer to those who had a lot of money a

On Club Penguin how do you get big wigs?

You must be a member. Once you are one, you have to get coins by playing games. One you have coins, go to the gift shop and read the big wigs catalog. Find the one you want, c

Who were the wigs?

Do you mean the Whigs? Whig was a political party in the US in the mid 1800s.

What does the expression big wig come from?

\nDuring the reign of Louis XIV, wigs were virtually obligatory for all European nobility and 'persons of quality'.\n. \nAt that time they were known in England as periwigs,

What is a big wig?

A person who has an important and powerful position. From the 18thcentury when distinguished men wore big wigs.

Where did the term big slick in poker come from?

It is named after John Wilcox, an old poker player from the South. His nickname was "Big Slick" and his top hand that was famous for taking out his opponents with was A-K any

Where can you find big wigs in toontown?

You would most likely find them in 5 story lawbot buildings. It may be eaiser to defeat them by buildings instead of tracking them on invasions. It may be easier to battle the