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  • The custom of 'trick or treat' probably has several origins, mostly Irish. An old Irish peasant practice called for going door to door to collect money, bread cake, cheese, eggs, butter, nuts, apples, etc., in preparation for the festival of St. Columbus Kill.
  • Yet another custom was the begging for soul cakes, or offerings for one's self - particularly in exchange for promises of prosperity or protection against bad luck. It is with this custom the concept of the fairies came to be incorporated as people used to go door to door begging for treats. Failure to supply the treats would usually result in practical jokes being visited on the owner of the house.
  • The tradition started with a fear of the god of the dead taking over the sun on November 1, the Celt's new year. They dressed in costumes to hide from the god and some tried to trick him by putting on demon costumes (this is where the whole "scary costume" thing started). The costumes eventually evolved into what it is now. the reason people give away treats on Halloween is because people were afraid of a certain god (I don't know his/her name) and offered treats in return of leaving them alone. This evolved into people giving this for fun.
  • Halloween was the celebration the farmers did because it was the end of harvest and they traded goods to each other, but if you didn't give you would get a mean trick that could even kill you.
  • There were cultist and on Halloween that warded off evil spirits by wearing mask and lanterns, but instead of a Jack-O'-Lantern they used turnips to scare away the spirits another story of the jack o lantern is that there was a trickster named jack that tricked the devil into climbing up a tree and the devil got stuck, so he cursed Jack's soul to walk in the darkness with just a turnip lantern to guide him. Of course turnips weren't common in the U.S.A so they used Pumpkins And that's the stary of the Jack-O'-Lantern. And if your thinking Halloween is evil its not if any thing the church is evil, the Irish people were visited by the "Saints" and they wanted them to stop worshiping all of their Gods and stop their holidays but the peope loved Halloween and wouldn't give it up. So if you can't beat them join them, so the church made all Hallows Eve.
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Well, either give me a treat or I will trick you, when you aren't looking I will either soap your windows or throw eggs at your house. Hence TRICK or TREAT. actually the phra

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The tradition is, you go up to a house and say "Trick or Treat". If they give you a treat, all is well. However, if they don't give you a treat, then, traditionally, you egg t

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The earliest known occurrance of the phrase 'Trick-or-Treat' was in Canada, in 1927. From the Herald Newspaper on 24 November 1927: Hallowe'en provided an opportunit

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Some of the best tricks happen if you are a gymnast. If you dogymnastics you can do backflips or cartwheels. Some other tricksare with your pets if you bring any. If you bring

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Halloween used to be a noght where people worship Satan and cause alot of trouble. But as the worship lessend, it became a joke and now it is what it is today. (and the candy

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For the "trick" part of Trick or Treat, people used to do things like use a bar of soap to mark up windows. Doing more than that these days would be considered to be vandalism
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The saying trick or treat on the holiday Halloween comes from as far back as the Middle Ages in the United Kingdom. The phrase signifies that the person want to receive some c