Where did willy obama go to college and where is he coaching now?

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Where did Willie O'ree go to college?

I have no idea if O'Ree went to college after his playing career, however, Like most Young Canadian players of that era, O'Ree played Canadian junior and senior hockey before

Where did obama go to college at?

He went to Occidental College than transfered to Columbia University before graduating from Havard Law School, But he has not yet proven these claims with any documentation.

Did Barack Obama go to college?

Yes, he has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from what is today called Columbia University (1983), and a Law degree (JD) from Harvard University (1991). At Harvard La
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Did Obama go to community college?

No, President Obama attended Occidental College and transferred to Columbia University during his undergraduate studies. He did his graduate studies at Harvard Law School.
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What college did Obama go to be a president?

There is no college that trains you to be a president. Many of the people who have ended up running for president studied such subjects as law, political science, or business