Where do I find eevee in Pokemon GO?

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Eevees are all around the world. There is no certain position they prefer over other locations. The most common capture place for eevees is just in grass.
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Where do you find Eevee in Pokemon Diamond?

Yes. There is a Man In hearthome city, Near the route to get to solacean town. You must have 5 Pokemon in you're party. The man will give you an egg, And inside is a Male LVL 1 Eevee. Also, Cynthia, The Pokemon Champion, Will give you a Togepi Egg.

Where can you find an Eevee in Pokemon diamond?

well either go to the mansions garden and if you've beat the elite 4 the owner will tell you what Pokemon is in his garden and when eevee go through grass and when see him catch him/her...

Where to find Eevee in Pokemon FireRed?

Eevee is not a pokémon that is captured. You win him in the city of Celadon in the top floor (in the covering). pass for he/she brings of the center pokémon and enter in an entrance, go up the stairways and Eevee it will be on top of a small table. Then develop him for Flareon, Joleon or Vapor (MORE)

Where to find Eevees in Pokemon Pearl?

First get the national pokedex, then go to hearthome city, go to Bebe's house (the one next to the Pokemon center) talk to her and she will give you an EEVEE And the other way is to go to the Pokemon mansion and talk to mr baklot and he should say about a Pokemon such as..... PORYGON, CHANSEY (if yo (MORE)

Where do you find an Eevee in Pokemon pearl?

Try the place right of the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City .If she says "That Evee I gave you ,I got it from a good mate from Johto" that means you've already have one.They can also find it in Trophy Garden but it's really hard.

Pokemon Pearl where can you find Eevee?

After you beat the elite four and get the national dex, you are able to get a eevee. There are two ways to get eevee 1. Go to bebes house (left of hearthome Pokemon center) and she'll give you a eevee level 5. 2. Answer both the guy in the Pokemon mansion and he'll tell you about a Pokemon he (MORE)

Where can you find Eevees in Pokemon diamond?

first, fly to hearthome city, and right next to the Pokemon center is Bebe's house (Bebe is the person who made the PC boxes on diamond) talk to her, and she will give you eevee (this will ONLY work if you have the national pokedex, and you DO NOT have any bad eggs). a bad egg is a cheat code thin (MORE)

Where can you find Eevee in Pokemon Sapphire?

You cannot. Many of these pokémon can only be traded from FRLG. The only way to get it without trading is illegal stealing: E.G. the rare chance of finding it at the Battle Factory, then only by having an AR. I wouldn't recommend it, because it corrupts the game file. :P

Where do you find an Eevee on Pokemon pearl?

After you get the National Dex from Professor Rowan go to Hearthome City. You will see a green-roofed house next to the Pokemon Center. (At the right) Go inside and talk to the girl inside (she introduces herself as Bebe.) she says some things and then asks something like,"I have an EEVEE do you wan (MORE)

Find Eevee in Pokemon Pearl?

easy, just talk to Bebe (WITH NATIONAL DEX) and she'll give you a boy eevee (Note: This will NOT work if you don't have an empty space in your party!) However, if you want a GIRL eevee you must do different hard tasks! 1. With National Dex, go to the Route below HeartHome City. 2. Go into the Ma (MORE)

Where do you find Eevee in Pokemon Gold?

When you find Bill in the Ecruteak City Pokemon center. He goes back to Goldenrod. Talk to him in his house in Goldenrod, and he will ask you if you can take an Eevee for him. If you say yes to the question you will receive Eevee, as long as you have room in your Pokemon party. If you want anothe (MORE)

Where do you find an Eevee on Pokemon diamond?

After you beat the game, go to Hearthome City. Go inside one of the small houses. There should be a woman sitting on a hair with a laptop in front of her. Talk to her. If you have at least one empty slot in your party, the woman (whose name is Bebe) will give you a Lv. 20 Eevee.

Where do you find Eevee in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Celadon City there is a Celadon Mansion go behind the Pokemon center and go into the back entrance of the mansion go upstairs then go into the house take the pokeball inside is an Evee.

How do you find Eevee in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to celadon city and find the celadon mansion its near the Pokemon center go through the back entrance instead of the front and go upstairs eventually you should reach a house go inside and take the pokeball inside is Evee.

Where do you find eevees in pokemon firered?

After getting your first evee evolve it to any evee form then put it in the four island daycare with a ditto wait till the guy says he has an egg take it hatch it and its evee.

Where do you find a Eevee in Pokemon FireRed?

Evee is in celadon city so go to celadon city and find the celadon mansion its a big building with a sign next to it that says celadon mansion. But hold on there is a back entrance to the mansion go there and keep going upstairs and then enter the house there will be a pokeball on the table take it (MORE)

Pokemon platimun where to find Eevee?

go to heathrome and go into a house next to the Pokemon centre there will be a woman speak to her bla bla bla and she will ask you if you want a eevee

Where can you find eevee in Pokemon Yellow?

Go to Celadon City. Behind the Pokemon Center there is a smallopening between two bushes. Go to the left of the opening andyou'll be able to enter a building. Enter the first building on theleft with the two bushes at the entrance. Inside there will benumerous stairs. On the last floor there will be (MORE)

Where do you find Eevee in Pokemon soulsilver?

once you meet bill in goldenrod city he gives you a eevee. You can't catch Eevee. You receive Eevee from Bill in Goldenrod City. If you want to have more than one Eevee so you can get all the evolutions, put an Eevee and a Ditto in the daycare. They will have an egg and it will be an Eevee. Also you (MORE)

Where can you find an Eevee in Pokemon Crystal?

From Bill, In One of the Pokemon centers(Fourth of fifth gym town) he will talk to you, then go home to goldenrod city. After he does that, you can go to his house on the left side and he will give you an eevee to take care of. Do whatever you want with it

Where to find Eevees in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to catch them at Pokemon mansion Go to Bill, he will be at his parents house in Goldenrod. Im pretty sure it's the house north-west of the Pokemon Center. Have space in your inventory to receive the Eevee and speak to him. There's your Eevee. If you want multiple Eevees, travel a sho (MORE)

Where do you find an Eevee on Pokemon hart?

go to goldenrod city and make sure you have a space for a Pokemon on your team then go to the game corner. When your there follow the path to the left and you'll find bills house. SAVE and go inside,speak to bill and he will ask you if you want an eevee say yes if you have a male turn off and do it (MORE)

Were can you find or get a Eevee in Pokemon platinum?

Go to Hearthome city. To the right of the Pokemon centre, there is a house. Go to that house, making sure you have an empty slot in your battle team. Talk to the person inside the house, and he/she will give you an Eevee.

Where can you find an eevee in Pokemon X?

Eevee is a very rare Pokémon that can be found at Route 10, in thegrass. Alternatively, you can try a Normal-type Friend Safari at KiloudeCity after you beat the game.

Where to find eevee in Pokemon black?

You will need to transfer Eevee over from the previous Pokemongames prior to Generation V using the PokeTransfer after defeatingthe Pokemon League or trade for it with a nearby friend.