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Where do black people come from if Adam and Eve were white?

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First of all, Adam and Eve came from the Bible. Before the Bible was written (which dates back to events of not much more than 2000 years ago) people were drawing pictures on caves of up to 30 000 years ago, creating stone tools, etc. The Homo genus evolved over 500 000 years ago, from a common ancestor to the ape and this was discovered because anthropologists dug up fossils that demonstrate this fact. This means that through verifyable dating analysis, this fossil was sitting there for 500 000 years. God did not put that fossil there. This is something that just happens, as all organic things must die.. By the way this happened in what is now called Africa. It was shortly after this that humans migrated, traveling up through europe and across ice bridges into North America. There were other hominid species like Homo neanderthalis, which coexisted with human for a while, but later became extinct. Whether there relationship was symbiotic or conflicting is another debate altogether.  God formed Adam and Eve from the dust of the earth which is brown,if you research you will see that the garden of Eden is located in Africa. Adam and Eve were black. The different races came about after the flood when Noah's sons and their wives traveled and settled in different places with different climates. Over time people began adapting to their environments thus the change of skin color and face structure. Also, there are plenty other races in the world besides black and white. Because many whites felt superior, many artists would depict Jesus and Adam and Eve to look European. This is why many people believe they were white. Jesus was Jewish, the original Jews were olive skinned with dark curly hair, some straight. American Jews have been mixed with whites. Africans are original blacks, whereas African Americans have been mixed with other races, just like jews. Over time many races have blended together esspecially in America "the melting pot".
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