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Where do i save the alyx nude mod for half life 2 and can you give me the website for one that works with vista?

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Answer 1 : Do not know for Half life 2 but know for Gmod ... !http://nosexsesnsored.blogspot.com/

follow simplified instruction and ENJOY ! Also someone else posted a reply down bellow my comment ... read that also ...

Answer 2:

If it's a legal version through Steam (I hope so!) then the path is:
c:\program files\steam\steamapps\<<steam login>>\half-life 2\hl2\models
Put the files from the mod in there.
you will probably need to make the models folder; steam uses .gcf files to store things (in steamapps directory) programs like gcfscape can extract them.
Bit off topic, but i like being helpful.
RAR file containing files for mod, no password
N.B. Files from mod should be 2 .vmt files.
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Do you have to buy all of half-life 2 or just half-life 2 episode one for garry's mod?

Garry's Mod requires only that you have one Source game. This includes Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode One, Half-Life 2 Episode Two, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source,

How do you mod half-life 2?

Well, if you bought the PC version though Steam, you can download Source SDK (free) though Steam, under Library, Tools, then double-click Source SDK to start the download. If

Can half-life source be used for half-life mods?

No. Half-Life: Source runs on the Source engine. The original Half-Life doesn't. You cannot use mods made for the original Half-Life on Half-Life: Source because they run on d
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Does half life 2 gives you virus?

No you dont get viruses from HL or valve or steam for that matter. but if you got a virus it was probably from opening some unsoliceted download or update from someone other t

How do you install half life 2 mods?

It varies greatly on the type of mod. Most mods simply require you to copy all the files and folders out of an archive file into the game's directory, but the readme provided