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Where do Kenya's tourists come from?

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Mainly tourists come from the western world to Kenya
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What is Kenya's shape?

Kenya is roughly pentagonal.

What do tourist come to see in Kenya?

The major tourist attractions in Kenya are its animals with the lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo being quite popular. Other Kenya animals include cheetahs, giraffes

Kenya's national animal?

The African lion

What are Kenya's attractions?

forests (magroove, bamboo etc), mountains (mt.Kenya, Kilimanjaro, etc), Lakes (lake bogoria - has hot water spring, lake nakuru - flamingos found only there), wildlife (lions,

What is a tourist?

Someone who travels for pleasure rather than for business, usually  sightseeing and staying in hotels and One who makes a tour, or  performs a journey in a circuit....

What countries do most tourists come from?

Hong Kong has the most outbound travelers from their country of  usual residence to any other country for any purpose other than a  remunerated activity in the country visit
In Nepal

Why tourists come to visit Nepal?

Tourists come to visit Nepal because they are attracted by its natural beauty i.e. beautiful sites like Pokhara, Lumbini, Mustang , Manang ,etc. It is the country where the wo

What is Kenya's vegetation?

    Wheat,corn,tea,coffee and they have deep and rich soil.Vegetations part is Tropical Savanna.

Why do tourists come to Pennsylvania?

  Didn't you ever hear of Lancaster County? the place is swarming with Amish. tourist want to see them, who knows why, I see them every day. but anyway, Lancaster County i