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Where do migrants leaving the Caribbean islands usually travel to?

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Most Caribbean migrants travel to the United States.
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What are the islands in the Caribbean?

The islands in the Caribbean are Haiti, the British Virgin islands,  Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Antigua, and Puerto Rico. They also  include Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados,

Which islands are in the Caribbean?

1 Anguilla2 Antigua and Barbuda3 Aruba4 Bahamas5 Barbados6 British Virgin Islands7 Cayman Islands8 Colombia9 Cuba10 Curaçao11 Dominica12 Dominican Republic13 Grenada14 Guadel

Which part of UK do migrants usually move to and why?

Usually come to London as it is the capital but other than London, they are moving to Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham because of the expanding and growing econom