Where do the clothes from what not to wear come from?

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from all of the shopping centers in usa
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Why do you wear clothes?

Well You wear Clothes To protect all of your outside body parts. Also It Hides personal things People wear clothing for many different reasons; among them are modesty, warm

Why wear clothes?

Well to be honest, it's actually a heracy to wear them. The Bible says, "Let those without shame not cover thyselves..." Therefore, don't wear clothes, I like to feel the bree

Why do you have to wear clothes?

Answer Clothes first came into use by humans as a protection from the heat and cold. The type of climate of a people determined the type of clothing devised. As societies evo

Why do you have to wear cloths?

its because no one wants to be nake O.o do boys want to be naked not me O-o do girls want to be naked O.o NO! it will be nasty -_- so who ever made this question that im answe

Why did they wear clothing?

People first started wearing clothing for warmth. Later only the rich people could afford lots of clothing, so they did. This eventually turned into people buying the nicest,
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What clothes do they wear?

They were cloths to protect themselves hrom haet, cold, rain and deseases
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What is the clothing the wear?

In my opinion people (especially women or teen girls) should not wear anything that is too small or too big/loose. I think that the way females dress has definitely changed be
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What clothing can Muslims wear and not wear?

A Muslim may wear any respectable dress in accordance with the climatic conditions and the traditions of society and area in which he lives. The dress should be respectable, n
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Why do we wear clothes?

We wear clothes to Protect ourselves from the environment and for privacy.