Where do the migrated Pokemon GO in HeartGold?

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to palpark in fusha city where the pioson gym leader is.
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Can you migrate in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Yes. Once you have beaten Johto and Kanto. Fight the champion and then go to Mt.Silver. At the top is a trainer named red. When you defeat him, go to Fuschia in Kanto, the saf

How do you migrate Pokemon on heartgold?

on your way to goldenrod,there will be a place with a man on the left side.he is the day care man.go in the building.if you want to have an egg, you must get 2 Pokemon like gy

How do you migrate in Pokemon HeartGold?

well you have to put your Pokemon gamepak at the bottom of your ds then put on heart gold then go in find migrate to game click 6 Pokemon in your PC boxes after that go to fuc

How do you migrate Pokemon to HeartGold?

Insert your GB game into your DS. Turn on your game. Go to the menu. Click migrate from... You can migrate 6 Pokemon every 24hours(so if you migrate at 3:14 today you would ha

How do you migrate Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold?

Here are the steps: . Make sure you have the National Dex and go to Fuchsia City. . Enter the Pal Park and save, then turn it off. . Insert Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emeral
In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Where do you go to migrate in FireRed to HeartGold?

Put Firered in the GBA slot of your DS make sure its saved in a Pokemon center with the Pokemon you want to migrate inside the PC. Then when Firered is ready turn on HeartGold