Where do they sell puppies?

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They sell puppies at Pet Smart
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How old does a puppy have to be before selling?

Puppies can be weaned and leave their mother between 6 and 8 weeks, 6 at the very earliest but closer to 8 is better because puupies are still devloping social behaviors, dogs

Does petsmart sell puppies?

Some pet smart will have adoption events every weekend in which you can purchase a puppy or kitten

Where is a good place to sell puppies?

You almost always would want to seel your puppies at any ASPCA or humane society. That way, they can all be checked thoroughly as well as getting them fixed and vaccinated. T

How much do lab puppies sell for?

If you adopt one from a shelter, (which is a great idea), you usually only end up paying for an adoption fee and for shots. This is usually a total of about 75 to 100 dollars.

Can dogs sell puppies?

Dogs are not known to engage in commerce. The lack of fingers makes it difficult for them to sign checks or to count paper bills.
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Does petco sell puppies?

The Petcos I am aware of does not sell puppies. They sell all the supplies you will need though. You can check with your local Petco to see if they have any adoption drives.
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How do you sell your puppies in Nintendogs?

You can't get money for them, but to donate them you go the the Dog Hotel. There it will say Pick Up, Swap or Donate A Dog. Tap on donate then choose the dog. It will then tak
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Is it illegal to sell a sick puppy?

Dunno. Is it? O: It's a PUPPY. Just nurture it back to its health and sell it for more if you really don't want to keep it.