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How much wood is a chuck of wood?

First off, it is not a "chuck of wood." Second, a woodchuck can't chuck wood; it's scientifictly impossible to get the right answer. The original tongue twister goes: "How mu

Why sand the wood to stain the wood?

Answer   Depending on what the wood is and how it has been processed, there may be a semi finished surface on it. Sanding lightly will open the pores and allow the stain

What type of wood is pine wood?

Pine is considered a softwood. 

What woods are hard woods?

Examples of hard woods are: White Ash Green Ash Cypress Gum Hickory Locust Lignum Vitae Hard Maple White Maple White Oak Live Oak Red Pine Yellow Pine

Do wood chucks eat wood?

  No. Woodchucks primarily eat wild grasses and other vegetation, and berries. They also eat grubs, grasshoppers, insects, snails and other small animals. The name woodchu

What type of wood is the densest wood?

Lignum Vitae is an very dense wood imported from Brazil. It can have a density as high as 1.39 g/cc.

Can you dump wood ash in the woods?

Answer: You can as long as the ash you dump has been drenched in water so you are sure the flame is completely put out. This makes sure they don't catch on fire. Answer: Woo

What is wood?

Wood is the stem of trees inside the bark or outer layer.   Wood is 50% cellulose. Cellulose is the fibrous material that gives strength to the cell walls. These cell wal

Can you stain wood if the wood is wet?

that's when its best to stain it, because it makes the stain soak in more and makes it last longer The type of stain you are using will determine what the moisture content o

What type of wood is jinx wood?

  I believe Jinx Wood is the same thing as - or very similar to - Balsawood. It is a very light weight, airy wood that is used by crafters and model builders. It is easy t