Where do you catch heracross on Pokemon emerald?

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Heracross is in the Safari Zone. Use an Acro Bike to get across the poles (white lines) and go North. The areas there hold Heracross (they are rare and hard to catch so beware).
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Where Do You Catch Heracross on Pokemon Silver?

In Silver, I believe you have to headbutt a tree to knock one out .. the locations include: Routes 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 They're pretty rare, so keep try

Where do you catch Heracross in Pokemon Silver?

If you speak to the man in the middle of Ilex Forest, he will ask you if you would like him to teach one of your Pokémon the move Headbutt. When you answer saying "Yes", ch

Where do you catch heracross on Pokemon FireRed?

you will have defeat the elite 4 onces only and unlock the sevii island(in case u don't know how to:u have to win the elite 4 and get sixty Pokemon and talk to prof.oak and ur

How do you catch a Heracross on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Use headbutt on a Headbutt Tree in Johto. This is how I catched Heracross; Go into the gym in Azalea Town (Props to the second answer for bringing this idea) then leave. Stay