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Below your order summary in your Shopping Bag, click on the right side, where it says "Add Promo Code".
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Who is or was L L Bean?

L.L. Bean, (Leon Leonwood Bean) was a man who loved the outdoors. Leon when hunting one time, and came home with extremely wet and cold feet, so he decided to create a boot that would be dry and comfortable. He therefore created a rubber bottom, leather top boot, which he called the Maine Hunting Shoe. All of his friends really loved them, so they asked him to make them some boots as well, which he did, and then proceeded to make more boots, and started selling them. These boots sold out extremely quickly, but unfortunatly there was a design flaw, so that all of these newly made boots fell apart very rapidly. So when everyone came running back with their junk boots, Leon immediately gave them their money back. He started again, and made the boots with a better stitch this time, and off he went. His Maine Hunting Shoe is his claim to fame, but now LL Bean produces many different lines of clothes, as well as sells camping gear, hiking gear, canoes and gear, bicycles and gear--basically everything for outdoor use. The clothes and equipment are extremely good quality, but more importantly EVERYTHING that is sold from LL Bean is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with every aspect of your item, then you can return it with no questions asked. LL Bean (the company) is considered one of the top most companies in customer satisfaction, if not number one, which in todays age is really something to be said. There are a couple of different venues that LL Bean sells goods--first off there are stores scattered primarily through New England, but the flagship store is in Freeport Maine. There are something like nine stores in Japan. Then there is the catalog--this is a phone service, which which offers 24 hours service 365 days a year--someone is always there to answer the phone. And the most recent addition is to the internet WWW.LLBEAN.COM Here you can brouse catalogs online, or search for items by category, such as men's clothing, outdoor gear, etc. Leon made a company, starting from practically nothing, and it has evolved into a huge business, while maintaining a one-on-one approach to customers. Leon passed away at the age of 94 in the year 1967, which in turn meant that the company received 50,000 condolence letters. Leon had a couple of phrases that he was known for, such as "A customer is not dependent on us we are dependent on him." "A customer is not an interruption of our work...he is the purpose of it. We are not doing a favor by serving him..he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so." "A customer is not someone to match wits with. Nobody ever won an argument with a customer". These may be quotes of a man long since gone, but the company puts great importance on remaining true to this way of thinking. Finally, LL Beans guarantee reads as "Guaranteed. You have our Word. Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way. Return anything purchased from us at any time if it proves otherwise. We do not want you to have anything from LL Bean that is not completely satisfactory." In case you might have been wondering, i actually work for LLBean in the call center(catalog sales), so that is how i have this information. I hope that this hasn't come across as a sales pitch, as it wasn't meant to sound like one, but just to show that the company is extremely upstanding, and well respected within it's field. I really enjoy working for this company, and to give you an idea of the quality of some of the equipment, I'm 23 years old, and i still have a backpack that i got while in the 5th grade, as well as i have my sleeping bag which has lasted me since my parents bought it when i was about 8 years old. I have used this sleeping bag extremely often, and it still looks practically new. If you are still hoping to get a more detailed life of Leon Leonwood Bean, by contacting the company (phone Number should be found on website) they have a pamphlet with a timeline of Leon's life, and breakdown of different aspects of the company. I hope that this is informative in the aspect that you were looking for. sincerely, Joel. Answer L.L. Bean is a store in Freeport, Maine, it also has outlets in Ellsworth.

When did L L Bean Die?

From Wikipedia . "Leon L. Bean died on February 5, 1967, in Pompano Beach, Florida."

What is a promo code?

A promo code is short for promotional code. Usually it is used fora discount towards some sort of special that a certain business isrunning. A promotional code is a code that is used to identify theperson or company that you bought the product from. It's used togive you a discount, as well as track which person/company isgetting the most products sold. Promo code is a type of coupon that merchants offer. Customers caneasily get discounts by entering prom code at checkout. These codesare often be found in newspapers, megazines, coupons. There arenumber of affiliate marketing websites which offer discount couponsand promotional codes. There are planty of websites such asEzCouponSearch, CouponPark, Retailmenot, Couponcabin,Crazycoupons.in etc. Promo codes are playing a vital role in online shopping. Peoplewait for stores to release coupons and promo codes so that they canshop and save money at the same time. Almost all famous stores suchas G By Guess, JC Penny, Walmart, Sears etc, releases promo codestime to time to attract user towards shopping.

How can you get promo codes for Zwinky Cuties?


Promo code for zwinky cuties?

it is cuttiesrock that's the promo code for zwnky cutties hope this helps ya try a different question on WikiAnswers if it does NOT work

What are some promo codes for howrse?

There are no current promotional pass codes/ cheat codes for Howrse. When new promotional codes are available, a notice is posted on the homepage and in the events forum. Old and pre-used card codes will not work on Howrse.

What is a promo code for zwinky cuties?

Prome code is a code which u can be a Jet Setter without paying.Most people say that the promo code is : cutierocks but I tried it and it doesn't work.If u find one go to Redeem Gift and put the your zwinky's username kai your password on zwinky and the promo code which u found.I don't know where u can find a promo code but I think u must have a coupon of zwinky cuties.You can find a coupon of zwinky cuties in a toy store but in USA and in United States only. Hope I helped ;)) Also add me on zwinky cuties My name is : cutemuffin385

What are all the howrsecom promo codes?

idk all of them... pm me to find out all the ones i used though! Bbubbie23

What are promo codes?

It's a code that gets you dicounts, prizes or somthing free... Also, many retailers put out these discounts all over the Web in hopes of attracting more customers with lower prices and special deals.

Where can you get promo codes for Zwinky Cuties?

people say it cuttiesrock or cutiesrock but its not i don't know what it is stop asking just enjoy your own account

How do you enter promo codes for Dragon Fable?

u gotta go to falconreach, the talk to twilly and select the option that says "minigame prizes", then enter ur code or use this one, KTHXHAT! dont forget the exlamation mark! hope i helped :D hasdad

It says the code is expired when you try to enter a wizard101 promo code?

that means that the code has been a code to long like it has been a code for 1 or two years. here is a code that is a promo one .... PARTYPACK it really works! another way to get a code is to go to gamestop and you will get a free pet and crowns! cool right!

What are the promo codes for 2010?

Howrse has not yet released the Promo Codes. Keep your eyes peeled for when they do come out!

What is the promo code on subway cards?

The promo code i got was cookie idk if it still works but thats wat i got

Promo codes for FIFA?

Try this...: COCA-COLA FELICIDAD DESTAPA CELEBRA GOL FELICIDADE COMEMORE 27737426 68557128 53143310 72152404 28223571 20563354 25383605 9PLJHCSX 9RBSF73K ADJ95C9E A9CJE9BW CESLY7P9

Where you can find FIFA promo codes?

FIFA promo codes are found on the link section. By browsing the link you can easily get all the latest fifa promo codes. Thanks

What is a promo code for Redbox?

its a code that gets you one free night rental.. go here for the newest promotional codes! www.inside redbox .com

What are some promo codes for Beyblade?

buy 1 if u have any beyblade codes send them to yeremymulbah@yahoo.com shut up a real code is stealth because beyblade was giving out a code to promote stealth battlers. hope i helped, and i hope to battle u one day!

What are some promo codes for Poptropica?

You can find the current active and "free" promo codes at the related question below (they are listed for the current year and removed when expired).

What is a promo code for Poptropica?

Promo Codes allow players and purchasers to access special features on the site. One that was widely disseminated was the coolkids11 code from Carl's Jr. This code has expired and is no longer functional. To enter codes, go to the Star Page and enter the code at bottom right. When you buy a toy from the store there is a promo code some where on it. You buy a poptropica toy in real life. This toy comes with green coins which on the back contain a promo code! well, i only know of two: 12345abc and coolkids11

Where do you get the promo code for poptropica?

The ones that come with purchased items are different from thoseprovided on the website, usually in the Creator's Blog (see linkbelow). Most will expire in less than a year.

What are promo codes for Poptropica?

for current codes, see the related question below* A Poptropica promo code ( promotion ) is a code that is provided with some retail purchases, such as gift cards, toys, and sponsored advertisements (e.g. Carl's Jr. and Hardee's kids meals, Toys R Us toys). These allow the site to offer special offers such as costumes, effects, or increased membership benefits to the buyer. They are also provided for special promotions on the site, including Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dr. Hare. To enter codes, go to the Home Page and enter the code at bottom right, or on the Store Page. This is entirely diferent from the basic game card codes sold in retail stores, which allow you to purchase membership and/or credits. Promo codes may appear for limited times and may possibly expire, depending on the sponsor agreements.

How do you get promo codes for Poptropica?

If you buy Poptropica toys (from Toys R Us), they have codes with them that unlock special features (these can only be used once). Other codes may be issued for a short period of time as Poptropica advertising . They normally expire in a year or less. (see the related yearly questions below)

Where do you enter the promo code on Poptropica?

you use your promo code in the poptropica store on the same row as your poptropica credits

Where do you enter your Butter-finger promo codes?

You can text your code to 88500 OR you can go to Facebook.com/wonkato enter your code.bs7773

Where can you find a promo code for Minecraft?

If you want a Minecraft code, you should ask on the official forums (minecraftforum.net) or enter one of the many competitions on there or on YouTube.

What are the car town promo codes?

One of the Car Town promo codes is: 94B7-99E4-D07A-3B38. AnotherCar Town promo code is: D853-2CD1-A009-CA72 . Also, there is:F8A1-432C-8F8F-2EDD, which will get you a free gift.

How you get a promo code?

you go online and search 4 a promo code I have great experience for promo codes through 2 sites which are really reliable and superb for me and I think also for you so I get promo codes from promocodeshop

How do you get Poptropica promo codes?

There are free ones for everybody and some where you buy poptropica toys from Toys R' Us and get the codes .

Where do you enter promo codes on wizard 101?

Go to the wizard101 main site, then log in and click on redeem card or code, lastly redeem you code.

What is Rock Aries promo code?

OSAMA BINLADIN 5 4 3 2 1 0 BLAST OFF Hope you enjoy using the code!

What are some overstock promo codes?

Many of Overstock's inventory does not require promotional codes in order to secure a discount; it is provided automatically at checkout. Some recent promotions that did require a code included codes "010x1s-28f6f9" and "00xsgb-83e6d3", each of which gives $10 off of purchases over $80. A different recent promotion gave $10 off of living room furniture purchases above $100. You can find various overstock promo codes from famous coupons and promotions websites like retailmenot and promocodeinn.com.

What are some of the promo codes for Poptropica?

right guys this is the poptropica promo code for december 2012 firstly go onto the poptropica store and were it says enter promo code type in wimpy 2012 hopefully it will work for you it will expire soon so get it quick

What are all promo codes for yoursphere?

Hey! No cheating! Yoursphere has to send you the promo codes. DON'T ASK OTHERS FOR THEIRS!

What is your opinion about Overstock Promo Code?

If you want to get exclusive deals plus discounts on your purchases then overstock proves to be the one stop destination for you! The site offers extensive range of quality products which are accessible at just affordable prices in terms of Overstock Promo Code.

What are the 2013 promo codes on Poptropica?

Here are some still-available codes: WIMPY2012 - Diary of a Wimpy Kid Multi-prize card SKULLBOOK - the Skull Pirate Costume DRHARE7500 - will give you Hare Power (Bunny ears for everyone) DRHARE5000 - will give you Dr. Hare Deluxe Balloons DRHARE10000 - the light-and-shadow Dr. Hare costumes with carrottoss effect POP6BIRTHDAY - Gives you the Applebees Apple Pie costume.

Where do you enter promo code for plumber crack?

you simply click on the little money sign in the right hand corner and at the bottom it says promo code.

What is the promo code for castle miner?

HELPFUL HINT! Hint:Its One Of The 5 Matireals. Sand, Rock, Snow, And Dirt. Look For The Item That Uses Them ALL! Then Type It! (this is from someone who's found out!)

How can you get a promo code?

Lots of times you can get one from the website of whatever you areshopping for, or from their catalog or promotional emails. Thereare also a lot of coupon websites out there where people sharepromo codes and coupons, but they don't always work, so you may ormay not find what you are looking for.

What are the 2012 promo codes on poptropica?

The 2012 codes included these that are still good in mid-2013: skullbook - the Skull Pirate costume (book ad) wimpy2012 - diary of a wimpy kid multi-prize The ones that expired include: applebees2012 drhare2500 (big carrot costume) *see related question

What are some poptropica promo code?

the promo codes i know is skullbook, 12345abc,1999190 and poptropica56 and the final promo code i know is coolkids11 see ya!

What are the promo codes for Animal Jam?

go to my email and i will give you all of the codes i know (i know TUNS btw) my email is, zwynn02@gmail.com give me your email n i tell ya not like ya password im not like that but email me and i will give you all the codes i know! lol btw here is the first 1 PESKYPHANTOMS you may have it so here is another, CAMPFIRE gives ya 1000 gems PESKYPHANTOMS gives you a phantom cage and 1000 gems!

What is promo code in fanlala com?

I do not know the code i want to know so i can sign in so i can get pictures The don't have any thing the internet sucks

What is a driveredtogo promo code?

you can register with a promotion code to g et a discount. Publishing codes in answers here is not appropriate so none are shown.

What products are offered by L L Bean?

LL Bean is a clothing store that offers clothes for men and women. They offer coats, shirts, pants, shoes, and many other clothing type accessories for men and women. They also offer gifting items such as gift cards, watches and Etc.

How do you use a godaddy promo code?

Godaddy is a company that provides domains for your business. Currently there is a promo code out that will allow you to purchase a domain for as low as $1.99.

How do you get promo code in aircel?

Aircel is an Indian mobile network operator that provides wireless voice, messaging and data services in India. Aircel promo codes can be found on some websites that provide promo codes.

What does a Verizon wireless promo code do?

A Verizon wireless promotional code allows one to save money when purchasing services from Verizon. These discounts may apply to various products, such as service plans as well as phone handsets.

Where can find Travelocity promo codes?

One can find coupons for use on Travelocity on various websites.RetailMeNot currently has many coupon codes which one can use forvacations, or air travel with various airlines. Current codes arevalid until mid July.

Where do you put your Nestle promo code?

Log in to one of the following: www.Facebook.com/Butterfinger www.Facebook.com/NestleCrunch http://nestle.promo.eprize.com/fast6national/. Once you're logged in, click on the Fast & Furious Giveaway Application to enter your promotional code. If you do not have a code, you can get Free codes by clicking on "don't have a code".