Where do you get HM surf on Pokemon diamond?

What you have got to do is clear the psyduck blocking the path outside Solaceon Town and then make your way through the path towards Celestic Town then battle the galactic grunt blocking the cave enterence. Once you have go in and look at the markings at the back and a lady who you have to give the old charm to will give you surf. To use it outside of battle you must defeat the gym leader Fantina.
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How do you get hm surf of Pokemon emerald?

You will get the HM surf after beating the Norman then visit the  Wally's father he will give the HM Surf.   In the house left of the gym of petalburg city, but you will (MORE)
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Where do you get HM surf Pokemon Gold?

In the building above the Pokemon center in ecruteak city.there will be a guy with a rhydon that knows surf..talk to him & he will tell you about the kimono girls (up on t (MORE)
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Where is hm surf in Pokemon diamond?

TO find the HM surf you have to beat the gym leader in pastoria city.After you want to talk to the team glantic dude near the building.Then you have to follow him and then go (MORE)