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Where do you get HM surf on Pokemon diamond?

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What you have got to do is clear the psyduck blocking the path outside Solaceon Town and then make your way through the path towards Celestic Town then battle the galactic grunt blocking the cave enterence. Once you have go in and look at the markings at the back and a lady who you have to give the old charm to will give you surf. To use it outside of battle you must defeat the gym leader Fantina.
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How yo get the HM surf in Pokemon diamond?

In Celestic Town, enter the tunnel in the middle of the town. Walk to the picture INSIDE the tunnel and press A. Soon, an old woman will walk up to you. She will give you the

How do you get hm surf on Pokemon diamond?

cynthias grandmother gives it you after bthe bomb scare which is after the psyduck ness which means u need to get the secret potion to cure them which you get from Cynthia aft

Pokemon diamond where can you find the HM surf?

in pastoria city there will be a team galactic guy talk to him and chase him around and then go to lake valor and Cynthia will be there talk to her and go to the route 210 and

Where is the hm surf in Pokemon diamond?

The Elder in Celestic Town gives it to you after your encounter with Galactic Boss Cyrus. You can go to Celestic Town once you get the HM Defog from the Great Marsh and defeat

Where to find hm surf in pokemon diamond?

Get it from Celestic Town where Cynthia's (the champion) Grandma lives. Beat a Team Galactic Grunt then explore the ruins about three trios. After that you get the Hm Surf fro

Where is hm surf in Pokemon diamond?

TO find the HM surf you have to beat the gym leader in pastoria city.After you want to talk to the team glantic dude near the building.Then you have to follow him and then go

In Pokemon diamond where do you get HM surf?

You get the HM Surf from a lady in the Celestic Town Shrine at theback with the markings after you give her the Old Charm. You willneed to defeat the Galactic Grunt who is blo

Where do you get hm move surf in Pokemon diamond?

First, go to the Ecruteak Dance Theater. Then, battle the rocket grunt that is tormenting the Kimono Sisters. After trying to leave the Theater, a man will stop you, tell you