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Where do you get oak's letters in pokemon pearl?

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You will need to use the Action Replay to get Oak's Letter, because the event has expired now.
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Action replay codes for getting the oak's letter to be able to get shaymin on Pokemon pearl ds?

you will need an action replay. then use the walk through walls or run anywhere cheat and walk right of the elite four. follow the route all the way to the shiny rock and walk

How do i get professor oak's letter in Pokemon Diamond?

to get professer oaks letter then you must first have the mystery gift from Jubilife city.You must also have the national pokedex. Save your progress.Then turn your Nintendo d

How can I get a Oak's letter in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot get Oak's Letter in Pokémon Platinum without cheating since it's an event-only item. The only Oak's Letter event has already ended but it was active between Septem