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You mail your federal tax forms to Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service Center, at one of the four regional IRS centers. Where you live determines which center you use. If you live in Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee or Texas, you'd mail the tax forms to Austin, Texas 73301-0002 [zip code 73301-0102 if you use tax]. If you live in Florida, Georgia or the Carolinas, you'd mail the tax forms to Atlanta, Georgia 39901-0002 [zip code 39901-0102 if you owe tax]. If you live in Arkansas, Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia or the northeastern states, you'd mail the forms to Kansas City, Missouri 64999-0002 [zip code 64999-0102 if you owe tax]. If you live in any other state, you'd mail the tax forms to Fresno, California 93888-0002 [zip code 93888-0102 if you owe tax].
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