Where do you replace the clutch fluid on a 1997 eclipse gst?

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under the hood, make sure you don$t get confused with the brake fluid, oil or radiator fluid. Look for the clutch diagram. Read the manual!
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How do you remove the rear rotor of a 1997 Mitsubishi GST Eclipse?

Rear Rotor Removal. remove wheel. Remove the 14mm bolt holding the e brake "L" shaped hanger before the caliper, pry ebrake arm forward and remove cable end from ebrake arm lo

1997 eclipse blown door speakers hard to replace you need to replace the door speakers on your 1997 eclipse gst is this very hard to do?

Answer . Yes it is easy. Just take off your door panel. There are about 4 screws around the outside, one screw behind the handle from the inside, and one screw under a tab

How do you remove the dash board speakers in a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse GST?

Answer . \nFortunately these can be removed from the top rather than having to take out the entire dashboard. They are held in place by four plastic flat shafts along the

How do you locate the timing marks on a 1997 eclipse spyder gst if the are not marked clearly?

On the cam gear sprockets you will see a Factory notch cut out in the grove in the side of the tooth. Also if you are looking straight at the sprockets there will be letters o

What would cause no spark on 1997 eclipse gst?

Answer . Bad Power Transistor Unit (Ignition Module according to AutoZone or Advance), bad Cam Angle Sensor, possible bad Crank Position Sensor, bad ECU, or maybe even bad

How do change the clutch fluid on 2001 eclipse?

MANUAL TRANSAXLE OIL REPLACEMENT. 1. Remove the filler plug.. 2. Remove the drain plug and drain the oil.. 3. Replace and tighten the drain plug to the specified torque o

How many gas miles will you get out of one tank of gas in a 1997 eclipse gst?

Your car holds 16.9 gallons so we can assume you have 15 gallons you can use safely on a trip without running it empty. You car will get at the very most 30 mpg on a trip whic