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There are quite a few places or boards where you can sell your timeshare; you want to find one where there are a lot of people. The more people there are, the better deal you will get. If you find a board that isn't too populated chances are it's going to take a long time to sell, if at all - and if it does you won't really get a good deal.
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How do you sell a timeshare?

If you're like me you've more than likely already paid more than one company. I will not say any names but I'll just say that I spent over $5,000 in listing companies that all

Can a felon get a license to sell timeshare?

If you are referring to a license to sell real estate - - you would have to check with your state's licensing board to determine the answer to your question. Well, there are

How can you sell your timeshare?

There are many ways to sell timeshares, or at least many different people to sell to. As the sale of a timeshare is actually very similar to a real estate transaction there ar

Who can you sell your timeshare to?

In theory the sale of timeshares can be made to anyone, although as they count as real estate, you must keep in mind the correct legal proceedure, which must be followed. Wh

Where can you try and sell your timeshare in Orlando FL?

It is not easy to sell timeshares, especially in a glutted market such as Orlando. Try selling it on Craigslist, or sometimes you can sell it back to the company you purchased

Is it possible to sell your timeshare?

Yes, it's possible to sell your timeshare. All you need to do is find a relevant board that people sell and trade their timeshares. You don't have to trade though, you can jus

How does a person sell a timeshare?

The easiest way to sell a timeshare is by using a company or broker who specializes in such sales. If one wants to save on fees, however, it is possible to sell it without a

How can you rent or sell timeshare holidays?

There are a variety of internet websites which allow individuals to rent or sell timeshare holidays. "RedWeek" is one page that offers such a service.

Which companies are good for selling timeshares?

Creative Vacation Solution is a good company for selling timeshare. There are several companies that selling timeshare. One can find it on BBB certificate companies news.

What is involved in selling a timeshare?

Selling a timeshare might sound like a quick job, but there are certainly some factors to take into consideration prior to selling. Mainly paying into some type of up-front f

What is the easiest way to sell timeshares?

The easiest way to sell timeshares is to sell it back to the company from whom it was bought. The seller might not get full value for it but if they try to sell to someone els
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Where would sell a timeshare property?

A timeshare property can be traded at the website buyatimeshare dot com. The site allows people to sell or rent their timeshare at the Marriott Aruba Surf Club, Occidental Gr