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Where does 'Kiss me I'm Irish' come from?

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It sounds like an American creation rather than Irish.
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Where did the Irish come from?

Many people say different things, some say from Iberia (northern Spain) as Gaels believed they were descendants of Milesians, sons of Míl Espáine. Others believe that t

How do I kiss a girl I'm not dating?

Make sure you two are alone, and look deep into her eyes. She will and look into your eyes too. Look down at her lips then back at her. Lean into her and slowly close your eye

Where does this quote come from if I'm early I'm on time but if I'm on time I'm late?

I don't know if it originally comes from the military, but I do know it is a common saying in the military. When watchstanders assume the watch, they must be at their station