Where does George H. W. Bush living now?

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George Bush lives in Dallas, Texas.
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Where does George W Bush live?

Texas is George W. Bush's home. He moved therewith his family as a baby, although he was born in Connecticutwhile his father was in college at Yale.

Where does George W. Bush live?

Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, live in Austin, Texas, and on their ranch in Crawford, Texas.

What does George H. W. Bush do now?

George H. W. Bush is retired and lives in Houston, TX with his wife. He was born June 12, 1924 and so will be 88 this June of 1912,
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Is george w h bush still living?

He- he lives in Texas and is in good health for as age as of this date in May, 2012, by all public reports.
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When did George H W Bush live?

George Bush is still alive at the date in November, 2011. He was on June 12, 1924.