Where does a cactus get its water from?

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A cactus gets its water from its roots. Whatever moisture is available in soil may be taken in by the cactus plant's shallow roots, and sent up to the stem for the photosynthetic interaction with the sun. A cactus also gets its water from the pores in its stem. The pores accept moisture in the form of water vapor.
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Does a cactus have water?

Yes, like any other plant it contains water. If split open you should be able to get a liquid of some kind (Be careful, it could be poisonous).

Do you have to water a cactus?

Yes , a cactus needs to be watered. Specifically, cactus plants tend to grow in areas characterized by infrequent rainfall and low soil moisture levels. They therefore are

When do you water your cactus?

Watering cactus Water shallow not deep and don't keep cactus plant constantly wet or it will rot and turn brown/gray and die. Water every two weeks to one month depending on

Does cactus have water in it?

the cactus includes small and spiky leaves that reduce evaporation of water. It also prevents loss of water. The cactus has also a thick and juicy stem that stores water. .
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Can you over water a cactus plant?

Yes. try not to water it too much, because they are desert plants. They are adapted to water shortage. Give it a little water at a time. if it starts to look a little bit wilt
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How does the cactus get its water?

A cactus has roots just as do other plants. These roots absorb water from the soil when it is available and store water in their tissues for ties of drought.