Where does loves Christmas Journey in the Love come softly series?

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In the first film "Love Comes Softly" Marty's baby is called Aaron Luke. Marty is of course married to Clark Davis hence the name Aaron Luke Davis. Apparently
in the actual book Marty has more children (with Clark) Elvira "Ellie", and another son Luke who don't appear in any of the other movies. However Aaron and another son Arnie appear in the next film Loves Enduring Promise as Missie's younger brothers and at the start of the next, Loves Unending Legacy when Missie leaves her ranch in the West to them and her son Jeff and his new bride. We don't hear of Aaron and Arnie again after that. The source material ended with Janette Oke's last book in the series Love Finds A Home. So instead of continuing the saga, after the 8th movie sequel of the same name, with more stories of Belinda (Missie's adopted daughter) and her second husband and there hoped for baby, they presumably decided to go right back and explore the lives and families of Aaron and Ellie Davis. (However in the 2-part Loves Christmas Journey they don't have the same spouses and children that are mentioned in the novels.)

It is a bit confusing with the names Aaron Luke, Luke and Aaron Davis and characters dropping out and coming back.

There were other options and family tree branches (from the movies' characters) they could have explored:
Missie's first son Mattie, born in Loves Long Journey, who she had with her first husband Willie, He appears in the next 3 Missie films.
Jeff Huff, Missie's first adopted son, who she adopted with Willie. He was dating Collette a cheating land baron's daughter in Loves Abiding Joy and presumably married her by the start of the next, Loves Unending Legacy.
Belinda's brother Jacob who Missie and her second husband Zach (another sheriff) adopt in Loves Unending Legacy. He also appears in the next film Loves Unfolding Dream.
And I believe Missie and Zach had a child together, a daughter who appeared in Loves Unfolding Dream too.

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