Where does master chief go in Halo 3?

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Master chief is left in the half o the ship that broke apart in the end. If you beat it on legendary you get to see a cutscene of him stepping into a cryogenic tube to freeze himself (like the one he walked out of in the very first halo) and him tellin cortana "wake me up when they need me again"
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Does master chief die in Halo 3?

NO! At the end of the game wait until the credits are over and you will see a movie and master chief is still alive. He is stuck with Cortana where Installation 00 or the Halo

What happened to master chief in Halo 3?

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! if you mean in the ending they blew up halo while they were driving away on a ship and part of the explosion reached the hangar which master chief was in an

Why does the master chief suck at Halo 3?

Master Chief really doesn't suck at Halo 3 because he is a fictional character and there for cannot play Halo 3. There is a video of Master Chief playing Halo 3 and is doing b

Does the master chief die in Halo 3?

no, finishing the game on legendary shows him landing on a nearby planet and cortana saying "wake me when you need me" yes but some say no because in legendary at the end mast

Is master chief going to appear after Halo 3?

yes cuz a lot of people think he died from halo 3 at the end but he didnt cuz if u finish halo 3 on legendary theres an extra part in the last video on halo 3 that shows maste

In Halo 3 what happend to master chief?

Assuming you mean at the end... . The Chief, and the Arbiter were escaping on the Forward Unto Justice a human frigate that had gone through the portal on Earth to get to t

How old is master chief from Halo 3?

"Master chief is around his 20s-30s. Im guessing cuz his voice sounds young" Really, The MC is 41 years old during the events of Halo 2 and Halo 3. Seeing how MC was born

Is master chief in Halo 3 odst?

He was in Halo odst, however, indirectly. If you have played Halo 2, you can see the ship (Amber Clad) in the first cutscene of Halo ODST, where the odsts were dropping, and t
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Did master chief died in Halo 3?

No. He put himself in a capsule at the end of the credits and he tells Cortana, "Wake me when you need me" Then the ship he was on started to land on another planet [ I don't