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Where does the blue color spark come from in lifesaver mints?

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it comes from the acid and sugar mixing and rubbing them together to create that reaction.
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How many calories in lifesaver mints?

I don't know ask Vanessa Patino. She would know.

Why don't wintergreen lifesavers spark anymore?

  Wintergreen lifesavers should still spark. Triboluminescence occurs when the sugar molecules are crushed and an ultraviolet (not visible) light is emitted. This ultravio

What color comes after blue in the rainbow?

indigo. i always think of it as roy g biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)

Where does color of blue pit bull come from?

  Contrary to what breeders of "Blue" Pitbulls would have you believe, They are not rare or anything like that. The "blue" color that they push so hard as being rare so

Is it bad to eat to many lifesaver mints?

I have like a pack a day,,, so far Im fine! I think its fine if you are consuming other healthy foods as well. Its better to eat too many mints than some other things
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Does color affect the dissolving rate of a lifesaver?

yes,in fact it does.I tried an experiment and for some reason, the purple lifesaver and the white one were the last to dissolve.