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The answer to this question is at best debated, but for all intents and purposes is unknown. While the hippocampus and surrounding cortical regions are necessary for memory formation and consolidation, it is unclear if there is a specific location where memories are stored per se. Individuals with anterograde amnesia usually have damage to the hippocampus, and while they cannot form new memories, typically still have access to memories preceding injury/disease onset, which would suggest the hippocampus does not "store" memories.

The more likely way that memories are stored is that specific memories recruit specific populations of neurons which "code" a memory. The reinstatement or reactivation of those neurons in the specific pattern could potentially underlie the retrieval of a memory. Since neurons throughout the brain are involved in encoding and processing a stimulus - the visual cortex for what you see, the auditory for what you hear, and so forth - it is unlikely that there is any single region which stores memories.
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How much memory can the brain remember?

in the short term memory it is able to remember something for up to thirty seconds without rehearsal where as if it is stored in the long term memory it can be stored until it

What part of the brain forms memories?

The hippocampus is involved in consolidation of memories. Memories are not stored in any one place in the brain. Memory circuits span many different areas of the brain.

What part of the brain has to do with memories?

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is associated with memory. It is located in a region known as the medial temporal lobe and there are actually two of them, one in

Which part of the brain controls your memory?

  While several regions of the brain contribute the formation of memory, the area of the brain which is most closely linked to learning and memory storage is the hippocamp

How are memories stored?

base on my words or explanations.memories are stored through our senses and it goes down in a part of a brain called Hippocampus which is the storage of our everyday memories

Can your brain ever run out of memory?

No, we can never run out of memory, our brains are always making new brain cells all the time, so no, it's impossible to run out of memory. No. Our body DOES NOT make new brai
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How much memory does a brain have?

2gig   That is so wrong bro trust me.   If the human body had only 2 gig you wouldn't remember your child hood ( if your a adult ) , i don't take any credit for this im
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Where are memories stored in the brain?

There isn't a single exact location of memory storage. The process of encoding and retrieving memories is a complex one, requiring many structures to function. The hippocampus

Where is memory located in the brain?

  Answer   Memory traces for events are believed to be stored throughout the brain, including areas of the cerebral cortex that are associated with a given memory.

When memories get stored in the brain is there any way to retrieve them in a tangible way meaning that you can be able to say how a certain object affects your brain?

Memories are stored in the hippocampus which is part of the limbic system of the brain. Whenever an event is stored in the brain, certain kind of molecular changes happens and