Where does the expression piping hot come from?

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In Baking
It means very hot, usually in reference to food.

The phrase is thought to derived from the whistling sound of steam escaping from very hot food. It's usage can be found at least as far back as 1386, when Chaucer wrote:

"Wafres pipyng hoot out of the gleede"
[And waffles piping hot out of the fire]
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How do you pipe a hot recirculation line?

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What does water coming from exhaust pipe mean?

Answer . Not much. When the exhaust pipe is cold, water vapor will condense as the exhaust cools on the pipe. After the pipe heats up, the vapor will not condense.\n. \nRemember that the combustion of hydrocarbon fuel produces both carbon dioxide AND water vapor as a normal part of the process. (MORE)

Do hot water pipes freeze faster than cold water pipes?

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Should supply line coming out of hot water tank have a drop down leg in it to keep the tank from losing heat out the pipes?

\nNo this is not necessary. Install the pipes as per usual. You can insulate the hot water pipes up to two meters or up to two yards from the hot water outlet from the hot water tank to prevent this.. \nNo this is not necessary. Install the pipes as per usual. You can insulate the hot water pipes u (MORE)

Water come out of exhaust pipes?

If you do short trip driving moisture collects in the exhaust as it doesn't have time to dry out and then you get the water coming out of the tailpipes, the hot gasses from the engine and the cold pipes when first started creates moisture.

Where did the pipe organ come from?

Most likely the Middle East or Mediterranean. Ctesibius of Alexandria devised a system of wind pressure regulation using water in the second century BCE but primitive forms of the organ pre-date this by at least a century.

Antifreeze coming out exhaust pipe?

This is either a leaking head gasket, cracked head or warped head.This is a major project and should only be repaired by a qualified mechanic.

Where does water from pipes come from?

\nThe primary source is from a resivour and then in travels to a pump station then to pipes in the road and then its pumped to your house and into your pipes

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Why is your hot water pipes green?

ive been a plumber 16 years , so to make it simple, 1st if its new construction, it is because the plumber didnt wipe the flux off of the pipes, and so forth causes a green film in what is called OXIDATION, this can be detremental to your pipes , big time. so wipr the pipes with warm water and a mil (MORE)

Where did the expression hot-headed come from?

The Oxford English Dictionary doesn't have much information on this phrase- just that it's a combination of hot (adjective) + headed (adjective), and that it dates back to at least 1603. The similar phrase hothead dates back a little farther, 1584.

Why would there be hot water overflowing from this pipe?

Not being able to see the pipe and not knowing where it is, it's kind of hard to know. If it is a cold water line and you have not shut off the hot water tank, the pressure from the hot water will back flow and hot water will come out of the cold side.

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What is the origin of piping hot?

Piping hot Meaning Very hot, usually referring to food. Origin In Scotland, ceremonial dishes of food are often brought to the table to the accompaniment of bagpipes, i.e. they are 'piped in'. This could easily be imagined to be the origin of 'piping hot'. It isn't though. Nor does the phrase deri (MORE)

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How do find how much pressure is coming from a pipe?

The only way you can find accurate pressure in a pipe is by mechanical means. If you want to know the pressure in your home just go to a hardware and by a pressure gauge with a hose adapter and screw it to your outside faucet and that will give you the pressure of your water at that elevation of you (MORE)

What do you do if your hot water pipes freeze?

First you open the a facet to allow any water to flow, or pressure to relive. With a propane type torch heat the pipe until water flows, being careful of the flame not to burn the place down. If you have access to a arc welder, they can also be used, by clamping the stinger and ground to the pipe ap (MORE)

How do you locate a frozen pipe when there is no hot water?

If one sink, the most likely spot is where the pipe goes through the floor where the house meets the foundation. Often there is a gap between the wood and the concrete. All hot water sources, follow the cold line to the heater back to the point it is closest to the foundation.

How hot is piping hot in food my son says piping hot food should never be served and I love piping hot food?

'Piping hot' is an old English phrase going back to at least the late 1300s; it simply means 'very hot'. The phrase refers to the sound made by extremely hot food, the 'singing' noise, as though of air whistling through pipes, especially in the sense of a musical instrument. Your son might mean t (MORE)

Should the hot water vent pipe be hot?

Yes. It connects to the inside of the tank, where the hot water is. Heat from the hot water will heat the vent pipe by conduction. The top end should be much warmer than the bottom end, near the floor or outlet.

Why is sewer water coming out of a pipe in your backyard?

A 3 or 4 inch pipe sticking straight up out of the ground? This is the clean out for the sewer line. If sewage is coming out of it, this means the sewer line is clogged or collapsed from there to the main city sewer. If you have a septic tank, the tank is full and needs to be pumped out.

How do you pipe recirculating hot water?

Go from the top of your hot water tank and make your line go to every fixture and after last fixture go back to the tank and connect back into pump, make sure you install a check valve on line at pump

Why do hot water pipes sputter?

Air in the pipes from a hole, break or crack somewhere along the line, or from a loose fitting or valve near or at the water heater; possibly caused by a mineral or debris- clogged filter screen at the faucet or discharge end.