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Where does the phrase 'in the mean time' come from?

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It is the time between two specified events.
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Where did phrase time talent and treasure come from?

The Parable of the God Samaritan. He gave his time to help the man,  he used his talents to tend to the man's wounds and he gave his  money (treasure) to pay for the man's l

What does the phrase 'Sign of Your Time' mean?

The phrase is "sign of the times". It means a particular behavior, activity, or event is common for the year, decade, or a period of time. For examples: With high unemploymen

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"Time is of the essence" is a phrase used to emphasize that the  actions described need to be completed in a reasonable amount of  time.   This phrase requires a party t

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A person who hangs around you for the good times only . Example: When you stop supplying them and are broke the Good Time Charlie has moved on to the Next Sucker. Then when