Where does the prefix bio come from?

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Bio comes from the ancient Greek work Life. Bio comes from the word 'life' from ancient Greek
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What does the prefix bio mean?

"Bio" means "life." You can also tell this through context clues ofwords that begin with "bio," such as "biology" (the study of life),"biography" (a story about someone's life

What is the meaning of the prefix bio?

there are several meanings for it depending on the context or situation in an online game Bio means you need to go to the bathroom, Bio-hazard or Bio means Biological like ger

List of words with the prefix bio in them?

A list of words with the prefix "bio" in them might includebio-hazard, biodegradable, or biosphere. Another word that contains"bio" as a prefix is biography.

What words start with the prefix bio?

bio bioacoustics bioactive bioactivities bioactivity bioassay bioassayed bioassaying bioassays bioavailabilities bioavailability bioavailable biocenose

Words with prefix bio?

Biochemistry, biocoenosis, biodegradable, biofeedback, biogenesis, biography, biological, biology, bioluminescence, biomass, biometry, bionics, biophysics, biopsy, biota, - -