Where does the saying Irish Pennant from in the United States Marine Corps come from?

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The term "Irish pennant" derives from the Royal Navy during the time of sailing ships. It was a loose or untidy end of a line. In Navy and Marine Corps parlance today, an Irish pennant is a loose thread on a uniform, for which you get gigged at inspection.
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Who founded the United States Marine Corps?

Answer The USMC was "founded" by the Continental Congress on 10 November 1775. They commissioned Samual Nicholas to raise two battalions of Continental Marines. He set up shop in Tun Tavern in Philladelphia where he appointed Robert Mullan, the owner of the tavern, as the first Marine Recruiter.

How do you get out of the marine corps?

Honorable Discharge- Wounded, medical discharge for other reasons . Dishonorable Discharge- Treason, Insubordination a whole lot of others. . Going AWOL . Deserting. . Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_can_you_get_out_of_the_marine_corps#ixzz1ubUdnLMj

What is the pay scale for the United States Marine Corps?

Answer . The pay scale of the USMC is the same as the pay scale for all of the United State's military services. One can be found below for 2007 but they change yearly. Just search "military pay scale" followed by the year in the future. http://www.dfas.mil/militarypay/2006militarypaytables/2007MilitaryPayCharts-1.pdf

Do you have to be a high school graduate to join the United States Marine Corps?

The Marine Corps will require a High School Diploma . The GED may be a possibility; however you should contact the nearestMarine Corps Recruiting Office for detailed information. The MarineCorps at this time (2009) will only allow about 5% of therecruiting mission to be GEDs, and the rest require a high schooldiploma. With enough college credits you do not need a high schooldiploma and will be counted as a high school graduate. I'm not surehow many credits are needed, though.

Why did the Scotch-Irish settle in the United States?

They did not vow allegiance to the Church of England, detesting tithing to a church they didn't support, and were governed by the Penal Laws. Those laws prevented dissenters from voting, bearing arms or serving in the military. Dissenters could not be married, baptized or buried with the assistance of any minister who was not ordained by the church of the state. To further aggravate the situation, when rents came due on many of the farms they lived on, the cost rose double -- or more. This practice was called rack-renting. Those who worked in the linen industry also suffered at this time because England had begun preventing the Irish from exporting their product beyond the mother country. Family members who had already ventured to America sent back glowing reports about the fruitful land. Ship owners sent men to the countryside to extol the benefits of emigration to the peasants. While some departed seeking adventure, most Ulster residents didn't want to leave Ireland, but their backs were against the wall. Ireland held no opportunities. Info taken from: http://www.barlowgenealogy.com/Resources/scots-irish.html

Where is the United States Marine Corps pistol badge placed on the service a uniforms?

Answer . 5501. REGULATIONS FOR WEAR 1. Marksmanship badges will not be worn with the evening dress, blue dress "A," white dress "A," blue-white dress "A," utility, and camouflage maternity work uniforms. Commanders may prescribe marksmanship badges for wear on all other uniforms. Unless otherwise prescribed by the commander, wearing marksmanship badges is at the option of the individual. 2. Badges are worn, according to seniority, centered above the left breast pocket, with the bottom edge of the highest holding bar 1/8 inch above the pocket's top edge (See fig. 5-5). The top edges of all badges will be aligned. 3. When men wear two badges, they are symmetrically placed on a line with about 3/4 inch space between holding bars, but in no case will they span more than 4 1/4 inches. When three marksmanship badges are worn, they are symmetrically placed above the left pocket with 1/4 inch spacing between the holding bars of each badge. 4. When women wear two badges, they are symmetrically placed on a line so that their outermost edges are approximately even with the pocket edges. However, there must be at least a 1/4 inch space between holding bars; in no case will the space exceed 1/2 inch. When three marksmanship badges are worn, they are symmetrically placed above the left pocket with 1/8 inch spacing between the holding bar of each badge. 5. On women's coats with horizontal pockets, ribbons will be worn as prescribed above. To determine the proper location for marksmanship badges on women's coats with slanted upper pockets, a horizontal line tangent to the highest point of the pocket is considered the top of the pocket. On women's khaki shirts, badges are placed even with or up to two inches above the first visible button and centered so that they are in about the same position as on the coat. On the maternity tunic, badges are placed so that they are in about the same position as on the service coat. On the khaki maternity shirt, badges are worn in the same manner as on the standard khaki shirt, except they are placed 1/2 to one inch above the horizontal yoke seam stitching and may be adjusted to the individual to present a military appearance. 6. Only one qualification badge for a specific type of weapon may be worn at any time except that two competition badges for the same weapon may be worn. No more than three marksmanship badges will be worn at any time. Marines entitled to more than three awards may select the three to be worn. 7. When ribbon bars are worn with the badges, the lowest row of ribbons is 1/8 inch above the top edge of the marksmanship badges. If only marksmanship badges and breast insignia are worn, the insignia is centered 1/8 inch above the top edge of the marksmanship badge(s).

What are the pros and cons about joining the United States Marine Corps?

Joining the military is a big decision.\n. \nPro: GI Bill, Better physical fitness, first to fight, travel anywhere\n. \nCon: Giving up 8 years of freedom, you can die, $48,000 on GI Bill isn't much, Longest boot camp [12 weeks], did i mention you could die?\n. \nYour choice. it's hard.

What do marines corps do?

The United States Marine Corps serves as an amphibious force-in-readiness. As outlined in 10 U.S.C. § 5063 and as originally introduced under the National Security Act of 1947, it has three primary areas of responsibility: . "The seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and other land operations to support naval campaigns ; . The development of tactics, technique, and equipment used by amphibious landing forces; and . Such other duties as the President may direct." In addition to its primary duties, the Marine Corps has missions in direct support of the White House and the State Department. The Marine Band, dubbed the "President's Own" by Thomas Jefferson, provides music for state functions at the White House. Marines guard presidential retreats, including Camp David, [20] and the Marines of the Executive Flight Detachment of HMX-1 provide helicopter transport to the President and Vice President, using the call signs "Marine One" and "Marine Two" respectively. By authority of the 1946 Foreign Service Act, the Marine security guards of the Marine Embassy Security Command provide security for American embassies, legations, and consulates at more than 140 posts worldwide

How much money does a 2nd luetinent in the United States marine corps make?

Not enough lol. It depends, on how many years you have been in, where your stationed, if your married or not.. Base Pay:. Under 2 years: $2,655.30 a month. Over 2 years: $2,763.60 a month. Over 3 years: $3,340.50 a month. Additinals. Allowance for housing is: (Only if you live off base) $615.30 a month (with dependent is $820.50). Family Seperation: $250 a month. Basic Allowance For Subsistence: $223.04. and then flight pay, hazardous duty pay, and many others.. (Counting everything, which includes things I havent listed.. Minimum you can make going in, is $2891.54 a month. Theoretical max is $5,169.04(this is a married aviator, been in 24 years, and is overseas in a war zone, which is also tax free). http://www.dfas.mil/militarypay/militarypaytables/2009MilitaryPayTables.pdf

How do you say when you come in Irish?

when you come.....to the place. nuair a téann tú.........go dtí an áit.. pronounced ( nur a taynn tu.......gu di on awtch). i have come/i'm here. táím anseo.. pronounced (tawi-m onshu)

Which marine corps units received the Presidential Unit citation in world war 2?

Use any search engine you prefer and search for NAVMC 2922. This is dated 21Apr2000 and will provide you with a lilsting of all unit awards that have been presented to Marine Corps units since the beginning of WW2. This only lists unts awards issued to USMC units prior to 15Jan2000. After this date awards are maintained on a separate location.. Lynn R Rutt, Former Marine 0311 & 5811, 1993-2003, Marine TWS Member

What does the marine corp do?

The US Marine Corps is an elite amphibious assault unit, trained to fight in most environments as a special-operations group. Like most such units, it is the first group to make an attack on enemy positions and establish a landing point/beachhead, a secure dropzone, or a basic staging area, from which the main assault force can work from.

Does the US Marine Corps have any airborne units?

The U.S.M.C. does not have any units strictly designated as "Airborne" like the U.S. Army. The Marine Corps had some parachute battalions in the early part WW2 in the Pacific. The usefulness and performance of the units was limited in the island hopping fighting scenario. The bravery of the Para-Marines and similar Marine Raiders of the Second World War is still legendary. These Para-Marines and amphibious Marine Raider Battalions were sadly disbanded after a short time in WW2. After WW2 the U.S.M.C. had some small marine units dedicated to the deep recon mission and pathfinder mission trained in static line parachuting. Fast forwarding to today however, the Marine Corps does have people on jump status and who do attend the U.S. Army's basic static line course, jump master course, pathfinder course and the Special Operations Military Free Fall Course. The Marine Corps has the new Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) with 2500 or so Marines and Sailors, many who are on jump status. The Marine Corps Special Operations Training Groups also may have had and have parachute trained instructors. The Marine Corps has several rigger parachute/air delivery units. There are also marines assigned to the U.S. Army training schools who teach parachuting. There are Marines on jump status in the two Marine Reserve companies of the five the Air Naval Gun Fire Companies (ANGLICO) based throughout the United States and the world. The former "Marine Force Recon Companies" were static line parachute and military free fall parachute units. Force Recon no longer exists as separate units. The Marine Corps Force Recon deep recon platoons are now in the Marine Corps Reconnaissance Battalions as marine divisional level assets. The In-Extremis Direct Action Platoons no longer exist and that set of capabilities now exist in MARSOC. The Marines assigned to the Radio Reconnissance (Signal Inetellignece/Electronic Warfare) Platoons, and SCAMP Sensor Platoons receive basic and advanced airborne training. Marines assigned to the elements within the intelligence community, such as U.S.M.C. Officers serving with or in special assignment to CIA Para-Military Division and Special Activities Division in Afghanistan early on may have have received parachute training. At least one Marine Officer assigned to the CIA was killed in combat early on in Afghanistan. Additionally individual Marines from time to time were able to obtain slots for airborne school courses in the past. Marines in some Scout-Sniper Platoons, Marine ROTC and similar organizations could and did attend the basic static line courses. I have no information on the current status of the individual Marine who may attend jump school. For such individuals with no connection to a unit that requires parachute training, such training was for leadership development and served as a kind of gut check and a type of adventure training. The Marine Corps may have additional elements that contain parachute trained marines who are not public knowledge and whose missions are sensitive in nature. An example of such a unit was proposed several years ago for a deep penetration sniper cell capability in the Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable). I have no knowledge of the actual existence of such units currently or in the past . However, such grey or black operations type units exist or have existed in the other services of the armed forces in the past. I see no reason why the U.S.M.C. could not have or had them. There may also be marines assigned to the so called Naval Special Warfare command's "Black Operations/Counter Proliferation/Counter Terrorist" unit known as Development Group in supporting roles such as counter-intelligence. Such marines may be on jump status. To the U.S.M.C. parachuting is just another way to get to work. It is an additional skill such as combat diving that allows them to reach their objective mission and take the war to the enemy.

What war was United States Marine Corp born?

Ask USCitizen to be certain, but I think the US Marines did not reach corps strength until the Second World War. This unit is actually older than the United States itself. The United States did not become a country until 1789, but the Continental Marines were formed in 1775.

In what state did the Marine Corps originate?

By resolution of the Continental Congress on November 10, 1775, 2 Battalions of Marines were authorized. At that time the Congress was located in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. Capt Samual Nicholas is considered the first commandant and recruited from Tunn Tavern in Philadelphia, Pa.

What are the unit names in the Marine Corps?

Depends have to follow your chain of command. Fireteam 4, Squad 8-10, Platoon 25-55, Company 80-230, Battalion 300-1300, Regiment 3000-5000, Divison 10,000-15000, and corp 20000-45000. Theres anything they could call themselves the Goat Ropers if they wanted. Most famous names are Carlsons and Edsons raiders an battle of edsons ridge in guadacanal where Marine raiders, engineers an fireteams from 2/5 an 3/5 killed over 850 Japanese with only 80 casualitys. But most have there mission statement an core values with there battalion or MOS. 8541 called kopfjager headhunter in German. Recon mission statement is Celer Silens Mortalis "swift silent deadly"

You are in the United State Marine Corps and would like to know if trying for your associates in pre-med is a wise decision. You want to be a doctor and have two years left on your enlistment?

I would strongly recommend starting your degree as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate this! You can cover a lot of ground within the next two years. Because of the deployment and/or changing of duty stations, I would strongly recommend to take an online degree from a regionally accredited college or university. In this way it does not matter where you go, as long as you have computer access you can continue. My son is a Marine stationed in Iraq and is doing this also. A good university for you would be the America Military University. The school is online and has the preferred regional accreditation, thus you can be assured the coursework and degree you complete through this institution will be recognized by all other colleges and universities as well as employers. Talk to your education Officer, and he/she should be able to get you started. I am a former Marine and pursued my education with Marine Corps assistance, my son as I indicated is doing the same, and you can also. Your biggest enemy is going to be procrastination, so just do it now and don't put it off. Semper Fi!!

Is the United States Marine Corps a non-profit?

The US Marine Corps is a branch of the US Military. It is a part of the US Government. The government is not a business. Note - The Toys for Tots program associated with the United States Marine Corps Reserve is a non-profit organization and donations can be deducted as contributions.

How can you get out of the marine corps?

Honorable Discharge- Wounded, medical discharge for other reasons . Dishonorable Discharge- Treason, Insubordination a whole lot of others. . Going AWOL . Deserting.

How do you get into the marine corps?

To get in the marine corps you have to graduate high school and be physically fit woulds also need the desire to fight for freedom. To become an officer in the united states marine corps you can go to the united states naval academy would also have to go see a recruiter. I hope this helps you out.

What Marine Corps units were on Midway island battle?

Perhaps because of the major importance of the Naval Battle of Midway which can not be over emphasied very little historical importance is ever given to the defenders of Midway which included Army B-17's, MAG-21, Anti Aircraft and shore batteries of Marine Defense Battalions and other forces. VMF-221, VMSB-231 and 241 used antiquated airframes against the Japanese with such as the Brewster Buffalo (F2A3) and the F4F and SBD with good results, although most were lost in their first air battles. The Navy PBY's deserve mention. The Marine Corps absolutely hated the term Defense Battalion because it went against their Offensive Doctrine. They hated anything related to defense and were even opposed to Anti Aircraft Units because they were not offensive and that stance even carried over to the Hawk Batteries of later years. If there is no bayonet lug attached, it could hardly be considered an offensive weapon. Pundits contend that John Glenn insisted that a bayonet lug be attached to Friendship Seven prior to the first American Orbit of Earth.

Who was the Colonel Commandant of the Confederate States Marine Corps?

Lloyd J. Beall, Colonel Commandant, CS Marine Corps held that position from 23 May 1861 to the end of the Civil War. He is the only person to have ever held that position. A former US Army Major, he was a West Point graduate (1830), Graduate of the French Cavalry School at Saumur, France and a vetran of the Black Hawk, Seminole and Mexican American Wars.

What is the marine corp?

The United States Marine Corps are one of the five branches of the military. The Marine Corps was established in November 10, 1775 in Tun's Tavern, Pennsylvania. The Marine Corps is the only branch that is a Land, Sea, and Air service. The Marine Corp is a department of the United States Navy. The core values are honor, courage, and commitment. The Marines are considered to be Americas most finest elite force. Anymore information that is needed your best bet is to contact your local recruitment office.

Why was the United States Marine Corps made?

To protect Navy ships and installations. Originally formed as naval infantry, the US Marine Corps is responsible for providing power projection from the sea, utilizing the US Navy to deliver combined-arms task forces rapidly.

Why does the Marine Corps come first in precedence before the Navy?

According to the Department of Defense Directive 1005.8, the prescribed precedence of military flags is determined by service birthdays. The appropriate order is given below: Army Birthday 14 June 1775 Marine Corps Birthday 10 November 1775 Navy Birthday 13 Oct 1775-Abolished Feb 1781-Reinstated 7 Sep 1781 Air Force Birthday 18 September 1947 Coast Guard Birthday 4 August 1790 According to the Institute of Heraldry, and in keeping with the order in which troops are listed in Department of Defense Directive 1005.8, during peacetime the Coast Guard falls under the Department of Homeland Security. During wartime, if the Coast Guard comes under the control of the Department of Defense, then the Coast Guard flag would come before the Air Force flag in order of precedence.

Why is there a marine corps?

The Marine Corps was formed as a sea borne ground force of sorts, whose primary mission was the protection of Naval ships and bases. Over time that role has evolved into being much more similar to the nations 911 force, a force in readiness that could respond anywhere in the world on short notice. Today they remain in that role, maintaining forward deployed Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs) to respond to anything that arises that the President needs to respond to. Whether it be humanitarian disasters such the earthquake in Haiti or the Tsunami in the Pacific, Marines have responded to the nations call ever time. In wartime, the Marine Corps is typically used as a hard hitting assault force which while great for combined arms destruction of our nations enemy was never structured for a long term sustained occupation overseas. With the aid of the other branches even this role has been filled in the last decade.

What was the largest marine corps unit at the invasion of Normandy?

General MacArthur strategy to defeat Japan would go through the occupied islands held by Japan. The Marines had amphibious training. So it made sense for MacArthur to utilize the Marines to defeat Japan. So the Marines did not have a unit at the invasion of Normandy.

Why did many Irish come to the United states in the mid-1800s?

The Irish potato blight receded in 1850, the effects of the faminecontinued to spur Irish emigration into the 20th century. Stillfacing poverty and disease, the Irish set out for America wherethey reunited with relatives who had fled at the height of thefamine.

What are the marine corps?

The United States Marine Corps, being their own branch attached tothe United States Navy, is the United States' premiere lightinfantry force. If there's a war going on in the world and theUnited States is involved, the Marines are almost always the firstones in.