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Where does the word tombstone originate from?

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"Tombstone" comes from the words "tomb" and "stone." Tomb is Greek and stone is Germanic.
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How do you do tombstone?

Its very simple. Lift your oppent up to the tombstone positon. Next, make sure that you are holding your oppent high up because when you go down your knees hit the ground not

Who invented tombstones?

people of great affluence and wealth used the tombstones to protect there deceased loved one graves from being robbed by grave robbers looking for bodies to experiment with. S

What is inside a tombstone?

  The inside of a "tombstone" is either natural stone (e.g. granite, marble) or concrete.

How did tombstone get its name?

Tombstone, Arizona? Well, Ed Schieffelin was at Fort Huachuca when he decided to go out and search for silver and gold. When he told the men stationed there what he was planni