Where does water come from?

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Water is formed when two parts Hydrogen bond with one part Oxygen. Water is formed and destroyed in many locations including plants during photosythesis, in stellar supernovae, and through other chemical and nuclear reactions.

In very basic terms, winds pick up moisture from waterways and oceans. This moisture as ions, hydrogen and oxygen, collect in the clouds. When enough ions form, we can have rain showers to thunderstorms with or without hail, or in winter, we have sleet to snow. The rain runs off into waterways and oceans and some evaporates from the ground surfaces. Again, winds pick up moisture, carrying it in the clouds and the cycle continues.

Communities developed dams and reservoirs to collect rainwater, plus accessing rivers and streams. This feeds water treatment plants that deliver water through pipes to homes and businesses.
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Where do water come from?

Answer . they come from clouds through precipitation but some people think that water came on earth when the meteors hit earth at the beginning of time and released water

Were does water come from?

Water is a simple chemical molecule, formed from the union of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Both these elements (H & O) are quite reactive, and their combining into

Were does your water come from?

The correct name for the water produced by the body is urine .. Urine is produced by the kidneys when they filter the blood to remove wastes, such as urea. This is what

Where does your water come from?

It comes out of the ground ... stored in natural aquafiers and then pumped out for consumption.

How did water come?

it is claimed that water came to earth in a great accident that happened; when mars had water on it, it crashed into us and sent all its water onto planet earth this accident

Where does water come from in antarctica?

Moisture in Antarctica comes from the atmosphere and is frozen bythis polar climate. Because Antarctica is the driest continent,it's clear that this activity has occurred over
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Where does our water come from?

It comes from groundwater, predominantlyfrom the chalk aquifer which is widespread across the region.