Where doese SpongeBob live?

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In a pineapple under the sea .
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Where does SpongeBob live?

SpongeBob lives in the city of Bikini Bottom under the PacificOcean on 124 Conch Street. He lives in his Pineapple House next toSquidward and Patrick's houses. bikini bottom in a pineapple under the sea =^.^=

What is a spongebob?

a spongebob is a sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea. he lives in a pineapple and his best mate is Patrick Star. Spongebob works in the Krusty Krab with Squidward and Mr. Krabs. He loves his job and always wins employee of the month. He is also friends with Sandy Cheeks, a squirrel with (MORE)

Why does spongebob squarepants live in a pineapple?

SpongeBob lives in a pineapple because a pineaple is an unuasual house and it makes the cartoon stand out. SpongeBob lives in a pineapple because one day he was looking for a house to live in closer to Patrick star and he didnt c any house he liked but a pineapple from the surface came down next t (MORE)

How is spongebob?

Spongebob Squarepants is a sponge who lives under the sea. His friends are Mr.Krabs (the krusty old crab who is cheap),Squidward (a sour squid), Sandy Cheeks (a smart squirrel), and Patrick Star ( a sea star who is lazy and is Spongebob's best friend). His enemy is Plankton. Some other minor charact (MORE)

Doese Freddie highmore have a brother?

Yes, he does. His name is Albert (Bertie) Highmore. He was born in 1995, London, England, UK. He was in "Women Talking Dirty" (1999- played Col). He played Col, Freddie (he playe sam)brother.

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Saddle River, New Jersey i know the exact address just email me at allwazhot@yahoo.com and i might tell you if your nice to me.If you want anybodies else address just ask me.

What about spongebob?

Spongebob is a sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea. He lives next to a squid named squidward that does not like him and attempts to move away but fails. He likes to play the clarinet but is very bad at it. Squidward also lives in an eastern island head. On the other side of squidward is p (MORE)

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Dinosaurs is word made up of two ancient laatin words. Dino means ancient, and Saur means lizard. The word dinosaur means Ancient Lizard.

Where do SpongeBob live?

In a pineapple under the sea. and why is this in rape catagory? o_0 I search for spongebob and i get this. lol.

Is SpongeBob still living?

yes Spongebob is still living he is #1 everyone loves him they think he can do any thing and yes he is still alive and he is real

Where does sandy on SpongeBob live?

In a air 'bubble' made of plastic and/or glass that was supposed to be unbreakable. While watching spongebob and the name SANDY surfaces in a conversation on there, later expect to see an air bubble with a tree in it.

How do you SpongeBob?

First, you must be a porous kitchen utensil that lives in a fruiton the bottom of Bikini atoll, (which is, by the way, a radioactiveisland in the Pacific partially destroyed by nuclear and hydrogentesting in 1946-48 and riddled with wrecks of various navalvessels).

Where doese Tyrese Gibson live?

Hancock park, losangeles. He may have a home there as well but it is a known fact that he owns a home and resides in Temecula, CA. I personally have seen him there. He is frequently seen at a local gym playing basketball.

What sea does SpongeBob live in?

Much of the series' events take place in Bikini Bottom, an underwater city located a mile off the coast of Pensacola, Florida , beneath the real life tropical isle of Bikini Atoll . Stephen Hillenburg has stated that much of Bikini Bottom was based on the real life city of Seattle . Much of thi (MORE)

What does Spongebob do?

Spongebob works at the krusty krab, as a fry cook. He also Like to jellyfishing bubble blowing Spongebob is epic

What doese peninsula mean?

A piece of land surrounded on 3 sides by water and joined to more land on the 4th. examples are :- Korea, Florida, Italy, Spain/Portugal.

What continent does SpongeBob live near?

Sponge bob does not live near any continent because he is fake. Not knowing this, actually a girl had divided in to the ocean for him. Sponge bob is just a TV cartoon character.

What kind of house does Spongebob live in?

Isn't that obvious? He lives in a hallowed-out pineapple that sunk to the bottom of the seas as it fell off a fishing boat that this little sponge has taken refuge upon.

Where do jellyfish live in SpongeBob?

In the Nick series: "Spongebob Squarepants", jellyfish, which are treated as bees in the series, live in the area called "Jellyfish Fields" they live in jellyfish fields

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What usually causes the most damage is the pyroclastic debris and the ash. The ash isn't normal fire ash (tephra) more than 10 cm of volcanic ash can collapse a building. The next most devastating factor is the pyroclastic flow (lahar), gases through fumaroles and lastly the lava is least devastatin (MORE)

Why does mr.crabs from SpongeBob live in an anchor?

It's just because Spongebob is a cartoon set in the sea. Because it's a cartoon they like to have things a little crazy and they also like to have stuff in it that's associated with the sea. Plus Mr. Krabs used to be in the sea navy before. They use anchors there so maybe that's why.

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-the direct effect that one kind of particle has on another, in particular, in inducing the emission or absorption of one particle by another. -influence .

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Sesame Street!! The Cookie Monster lives on Sesame Street with his friends Elmo and Big Bird. His home is in the apartment building numbered 1,2,3. Gordon, Susan, Bert and Ernie live there too. Oscar's can/home is right outside apartment building 1,2,3.

When Is SpongeBob?

All the time on nickelodeon, just look it up on your TV guide, nick contently will change the time.

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Where does Plankton live in SpongeBob?

Apparently, Sheldon J. Plankton lives at his own restaurant, The Chum Bucket. I'm not exactly positive though, but I believe he lives there because the series does not include another place that he might live, and he is seen there often.

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With the gods and goddesses of ancinet Egypt, Anubis was believed to dwell alongside the people of Egypt other placs the gods and goddesses traveled to was the Duat and Aaru.

What is the SpongeBob?

I believe that he is a sponge...nammed bob that just so happens to be living in bikini bottom in a pineaple. Not random at all.