Where in England is the church of England located?

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The Church Of England is not a place, it is a religion; It's a branch of Christianity, much the same a being a Roman Catholic or Baptist.

The Church of England, was created by King Henry VIII so he could Divorce is first wife, Cathrine of Aragon, and marry his second, Anne Boleyn. As the Pope would not let him through being Catholic. Therefore the Britsh monarch is the head of the Church of England to this day.
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What is the Church of England?

The Church of England is Englands Protestant state denominational established church known for it's encourgement of individual responsiblity and moderate views on moral issues

What is Church of England?

Anglican Catholic Answer! The Body of Christ. Historically, the Church is, or was the Catholic Church in England. It was brought here by S. Simon Zelotes, very early on a

Is the Church of England the Protestant church?

The Church of England is one of many protestant churches in England. . Historically, I would deny the above claim, because the C.of E, based its beliefs on the Revelation of

How did the church in England become the Church of England?

King Henry viii and his marrige to Catherine of Arogon not of producing a male succesor was tactfully and planningly seduced by Anne Bolyne who convinced the King to marry

When did England convert to the church of England?

Under the reign of Henry the eighth, who wanted a divorce from his wife, Katherine of Aragon. . The Church came first to Britain some months after the Crucifixion of Christ i

Is the Church of England a Protestant church?

No, it's Anglican. Answer Though not part of the Protestant movement in Germany and Scandinavia when it was set up by Henry VIII it was declared a 'protestant' Church (sma

What are church of England churches like?

I go to a c of e church and I can safely say they are just like catholic churches except everything is spoken in English (not latin). Every church is different e.g some have c
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What is the Church of England Anglican church?

A church established under the reign of Elizabeth I. Claims that it is just another "branch" of the true Catholic church are unfounded. It was established using protestant tex
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Was the Church of England a protestant church?

The Church of England was not a PROTESTANT CHURCH. It as a Communion within the Holy Catholic Church and nothing else. The church or England was set up by Henry V111 in the
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Is the Church of England the true church?

If you define the "true church" as the church established by Jesus Christ, and guaranteed by Him until the end of the world, that was established in 33 A.D. and Our Blessed Lo